Guardiola sets to boss Ronaldo as Allegri plans exit

Ronaldo might Guardiola as Allegri plans to leave somtosports
Ronaldo might Guardiola as Allegri plans to leave somtosports

Guardiola might end up working with Cristano Ronaldo. According to a report by DonBalon, the Catalan coach is linked to a possible move to Allianz Stadium.

Guardiola and Cristano Ronaldo might be having slippery relationship with each other but that doesn’t prevent the respect they both have for each other.

A world class coach with many tittles registered to his name and a world class player with large number of goals and titles, the gentlemen will sure respect the egos.

With the report scattering all over, Allegri has been also reported to have opted to leave the team after he has successfully led the the Old Lady to back to back crowns.

And not just that, but also has led the Lady to the Champions League finals twice but his efforts was shattered by Cristano who is now in his favor.

Although they still have Ronaldo, the beast the brought premature death to their quest for the Champions league, the Italian Champions wasn’t able to make it again.

And this time the case was even worse as they were eliminated by ‘Volacanic’ Ajax who eliminated Real Madrid before them.

The most insane part of it, is the Ajax youngsters claimed that it was much more easier playing against Juventus than the former Champions; Real Madrid.

There are chances of Allegri leaving and Juventus has already listed on her list, the possible replacements which Pep Guardiola is the most favored and preferred among other names on the list.

For the fact that Guardiola was able to leave Barcelona then I think Manchester City should better be planning for a replacement in order to avert future calamity.

Despite the Catalan coach claimed recently that he has the best team in Manchester City history, it doesn’t prevent him from leaving; the disciples never knew Judas as a betrayer until the drama played out.

Guess, Ronaldo would definitely welcome this long time Lionel Messi’s friend with open hands not minding he[Guardiola] was once his[Ronaldo] rival’s great coach.

Also Guardiola at the other end would quickly run to Allianz Stadium since his efforts at Etihad seems to be doubting after he had crashed out of the Champions league on multiple occasions.

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