Higuain Assures To Join Chelsea

Chelsea’s demand for a replacement on the front-line is really arousing alot of things back in Italy as AC Milan’s striker, Gonzalo Higuain demands to join the blues.

Chelsea’s manager, Maurizio Sarri who arrived from Napoli this season is disappointed with Morata’s performance and has therefore initiated some deals that he believes if it matures, it would bring an end to his front line problems.

Gonzalo might be Sarri’s prayer answered following his recent confession of wanting to join the Blues, but needs Morata to be offloaded from the squad before he will head to London.

Former Real Madrid’s striker Gonzalo Higuain has recently strengthened Chelsea’s expectations on their plan of landing the Argentine at Stamford Bridge by January.

Higuain who joined AC Milan on a loan move that was initiated on the 2nd of August, 2018 from Juventus has recently told the club’s manager that he would be moving to London to join the blues, provided Alvaro Morata, Chelsea’s striker joins the Old Lady.

The Blues are definitely far ahead on Higuain’s deal than they are on Icardi’s deal.

Inter Milan’s striker, Mauro Icardi is also Sarri’s target as a replacement to his faulty striker, Morata but Icardi seems to be far-fetched, considering the fact that Inter Milan are working towards having him renew his about-to-expire contract.

Chelsea will have to put in the required resources in order to assure that they sign another striker that will take up the front-line, because all indications points that Morata won’t be able to carry the team along as a front-man.

Juventus on the other hand, are trying to re-unite with their former striker, Morata who had a good time while he was with them, netting in multiple number of goals before he moved to Santiago Bernabeu to join Real Madrid then later Chelsea.

Allianz Stadium might the place Morata’s dying career would be saved, maybe re-joining The Old Lady will have him rise to his feet once more.

We just hope the player gets back to form soon. Juventus are also considering bring back their former midfielder, Paul Pogba who presently plays with Manchester United. This might seem a hard nut now because of Mourinho’s sack.

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