How Fabregas To Monaco Deal Will Negatively Affect Inter Milan

Fabregas prepare to move to AS Monaco but the move might be definitely affecting Italian side, Inter Milan despite not been directly connected with the move.

No matter what the Cesc Fabregas does in his move to AS Monaco, Inter Milan would be heavily affected.

With Fabregas leaving Stamford Bridge, The Blues plans to land either of the most wanted men by Inter Milan; Nicolo Barella or Leandro Paredes to replace Cesc Fabregas at Stamford Bridge.

Cesc Fabregas

One might be thinking why no Inter engage Chelsea on a transfer battle, but they wish they could.

Inter Milan is faced with a ban by the UEFA and are restricted from doing certain things as long as the transfer market is concerned.

They won’t be able to cash in as much as the Blues are willing to do on the midfielders.

Inter Milan will be left to find another alternative to strengthen their midfield with or pray that the deal with Chelsea does not work out for the young men.

At the moment Chelsea has not disclosed it’s first choice to replace Cesc among the two players and this has definitely made Inter Milan dependent on Chelsea’s decision for them to recoup their midfield.

Fabregas is currently undergoing medicals at Stade Louis II and would be made public once he is cleared to re-unite with his former teammate Thierry Henry, whom he will now work under.

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