How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game, broke 5-year record

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game scaled e1599985772378
How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game scaled e1599985772378

Gabriel Magalhaes has just displayed to Arsenal the main reason Arteta was so keen on bringing him to Emirates Stadium after an impressive man-of-the-match debut.

Gabriel Magalhaes joined the Gunners squad after completing his £27m after add-ons move from French side, Lille and made his debut game yesterday during the Premier League opener as Arsenal thrashed out Fulham.

Arguably there would be no greater nightmare this season on Aboubakar Kamara whose plans of having a prolific opener were dashed by the 6ft Gabriel as the Brazilian downplayed every effort made by Kamara.

Even when Bernd Leno failed to communicate properly and almost handed the French man a goal, Gabriel was also the hero to stop the unwanted from becoming a reality.

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game 2

Although, Pierre Aubameyang was tagged majorly on the headlines to outline the importance of him remaining at North London, Gabriel Magalhaes contributed majorly to the game that had Arsenal smiling back to Hornsey Road with 3 points and 3 goals.

Gabriel being present in the center back dashed out every fear from the visitors who relied greatly on the Brazilian after seeing the amount of confidence emanating from the 22-year-old.

Guess, his confidence is one of the major reasons Arteta pushed relentlessly to bring him into the squad not minding that there were still names for his role in the squad.

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game 5

Despite having not attained the office of the First Team Manager when Gabriel Magalhaes’ deal was pulled, Arteta contributed majorly in the signing of the December born.

Edu off-course didn’t do all the jobs and callings as there were reports of direct phone calls between Mikel Arteta and Magalhaes.

With highest number of passes made in the game(107), Gabriel also made most clearances than any other defender on the pitch and made most tackles.

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game 1

David Luiz in this position would have been good also but not as better as Gabriel’s stats, especially in the passing aspect.

Also having been handed a memorable Arsenal debut by his dedication and a goal following crossing from newcomer, Willian da Borges, Gabriel being in the squad altered a 5-year-old record.

For the past 5-years, Arsenal haven’t conceded chances of goals as low as they did yesterday and all thanks to Gabriel who it’s indeed no coincidence that all these happened on his debut match.

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game 6

Even against 10-men Newcastle, Arsenal conceded higher chances than yesterday, according to Expected Goal Metric rated by Opta, Arsenal conceded 0.39 chances even after Newcastle were reduced to 10-men during the 75th minute.

But yesterday’s was a different ball game, recording the lowest in 5 years like I earlier on mentioned, Arsenal’s Expected Goal Metric by Opta was rated as low as 0.15 also making the lowest Arsenal have conceded away from home in over 5-years.

It’s clear Arsenal can now be tagged as a major Champions League competitor once again as claimed by the Club’s Chief Executive, Vinai Venkatesham.

Another star that got marked in the game also was former Chelsea winger Willian, as he had connections to all three goals of the game.

Also he would have netted in the debut but the woodwork deprived his well mapped free kick from being accredited as a goal.

How Gabriel Magalhaes shone in Arsenal debut game 4

Dani Ceballos also did great coming off the bench, following his return from Real Madrid.

Leave your comments below, what you see for Arsenal this current season after watching the composure Arteta has instilled in the squad.


  1. First I must commend your writing and analysis skills. They are superb. Superb wordplays too.

    As for Arsenal. Lol! We are back to being Gunners.

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