Hudson Assists Morata In Scoring 2 Goals As Chelsea Thrashes Forest

alvaro morata3011
alvaro morata3011

Chelsea thrashes Nottingham Forest 2-0 as Hudson-Odei assists Morata in netting all goals.

Hudson has once more proven why he is considered as the best replacement for Arjen Robben by delivering two magnificent crossings that enabled Alvaro Morata end his goal-drought.

With the two goals coming in from Hudson’s corner to the eighteen yard box where Morata had the chance to drive it into the net, Chelsea was able to match victorious against Forest.

Photo: Courtesy (Hudson-Odoi)

Fabregas held the midfield and tried his best to put out good performances despite losing a penalty which would have been the first of the match.

Before he was substituted at 41st minute of the game, Robben Loftus-Cheek was a threat in the game, driving into the 18 yard box with the ball on multiple occasions and finally succeeded in committed the opponents to take him down in the 18 yard box, but his efforts were rubbished the moment Fabregas misfired the Penalty Kick.

Hazard came in for Loftus-Cheek due to a back injury and actually his[Hazard] performances were not up to expectations considering the fact that he is liken to be one of the best players in Europe; maybe he wasn’t fit for the match.

With the first coming at the 49th minute followed with the second which came at the 59th minute after Morata failed to tip the ball into an open post that had its keeper driven away, the Spaniard was substituted for Azpilicueta which affected the game and left Chelsea with just the two goals they had.

Photo: Courtesy (Chelsea)

The match actually exposed the fact that Morata’s low performances at the club is due some psychological issues; telling from the looks on his face, Morata actually needs psychological support to get back on track.

For instance when the Spaniard lost the goal that had everyone yelling, he quickly rushed and recovered the ball when it came back into pitch and forcing one or two attacks Chelsea was back in possession of the ball and with their wide-spread pattern Hudson was found on the flank with ball and crossing it into the 18 yard box, Morata recouped what he had lost.

Alvaro Morata
Photo: Courtesy(Alvaro Morata)

But Chelsea is cleared and thanks to Hudson and Morata who helped the team to find the back of the net and also to Zola who spoke little sense into Morata.

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