I Don’t Miss Lionel Messi – Ronaldo


The five times Ballon d’or winner Cristano Ronaldo has cleared the air about his reasons behind his move to Italian side Juventus.

Ronaldo recently spoke with Tuttosport concerning his move to Juventus and how it has been ever since he moved to Italy.

“I am happy here”, Ronaldo said, ” The city is cool and the fans are amazing coupled with the players, they are good, humble and they work hard. We are like a family, It’s all great”, said the former Real Madrid star.

Cristano Ronaldo disclosed that he chose Juventus not because he didn’t have other options but because the Old Ladies are really solid as a team.

He went on to share that he loves the fact that Juventus have been doing well in Champions League and also the fact that the team is used to winning successive titles.
“I had other options but I chose Juventus because they are a solid team. I like the atmosphere in Italy and the approach with President Agnelli was crucial” Ronaldo said.

When asked about his former team, Real Madrid, Ronaldo said, “Real? I am not thinking about playing against them. I don’t care. I want to win with my club, I don’t forget my past but I am focused on Juventus”.

The Player went on to claim that the team do not need new player saying, “We don’t need new players. I don’t know if Marcelo will join us. He is strong and we are open to buying strong players, Marcelo is one of them. Champions? Football is a team sport, not an obsession. I am here to win the Champions League, let’s see what will happen”.

But saying that the team do not need new players is a bit confusing, considering the fact that he had earlier on suggested that Juventus should go for some of his former team mates.


The Portugese thanked God for all that it is that he has, he went on to dismiss rumors of him wedding soon, “It’s not going to happen soon. I go to church every week because I am Catholic and to thank God for what he gave me. I need to ask nothing, I already have everything”. He said.

He was also spotted speaking with La Gazzetta Dello Sport about the recently awarded Balon d’or, “When I won it, I think I deserved it for what I did. If I don’t win it, it’s not the end of the world. I am disappointed but life goes on. I want to do my best to win it next year”.

Isn’t that just brave, he is still planning a come back, right? I hope so!

Ronaldo ended the conversation adding that he never missed his long time rivalry, Lionel Messi, and also adviced that Lionel should come over to Italy so that they would continue their contest.


Meanwhile, Cristano Ronaldo ever since he moved to Italy, he has been proving that he is really a hardworker, following his recent MVP award at Allianz Stadium.

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