I don’t think we’ll go crazy just because the ban has been lifted – Lampard

I don’t think we’ll go crazy just because the ban has been lifted Frank Lampard
I don’t think we’ll go crazy just because the ban has been lifted Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard has revealed despite being happy that the club’s transfer ban got halved the club do not need to go crazy and pour all money into the transfer market as he hints on needing strikers.

Chelsea get ready to get back into the transfer market after missing out on the former transfer market due to a ban during the period Frank Lampard took over from Maurizio Sarri.

Definitely an offer most managers would have ignored, not even to talk of a manager that was only a year old in the management field, but Lampard confidently took the job with young players who are mostly arguably inexperienced.

Currently sitting 4th on the Premier League table and advancing into the Round of 16 of the Champions League is indeed a remarkable progress for the former Chelsea player who is expected to get his side out of management shackles.

Also the club lost of their best players in the squad; Eden Hazard who left for Real Madrid, leaving Frank Lampard with big space to fill, but the arrival of Christian Pulisic from loan proved to be somewhat replacing to the space Hazard had left.

But the American who lately picked to his top form got quenched by his recent injury which had him miss even his national games and upon returning has not relaunched the fire he had before going off on injury.

In an effort to eradicate the factors of one man’s ailment affecting the whole squad, Frank Lampard who prefers to strengthen his front row has hinted on a technical transfer business when the market reopens.

Speculations are linking Borussia Dortmund winger, Jadon Sancho to Stamford Bridge as the English man would possibly prefer to join a club that provides same platform for young players as Borussia Dortmund.

Sancho is slightly becoming uncomfortable with his stay at Signal Iduna park amid Favre’s decision of benching the 19-year-old in most of the games they lost both in the league and other competitions.

Currently valued over £100m, Sancho who is indeed worth the price tag on him, considering the current shape and value the transfer business has put on players, would likely switch to the Blues where he has some of his National teammates and supposedly friends.

According to sources, it is believed Frank Lampard only has £150m to splash on the market as he would be clinical enough not to waste the funds on assets that would be useless afterwards.

There are also chances Roman Abramovic would once more get involved in the transfer market after the Russian rejected offer from an American Billionaire Business Tycoon to buy off the club.

CSKA Moscow striker Fedor Chalov is name Roman Abramovic has been fanning for a while and might likely splash his personal cash on bringing in his countryman to provide the perfect competition for Tammy Abraham who also has been in an impressive form so far.

Olivier Giroud is expected to leave Stamford Bridge also in the coming transfer window as he has also been linked to a move to Borussia Dortmund and Inter Milan.

Although not confirmed yet the authenticity of this claim but if its genuine Giroud would be joining BVB, then we would likely be seeing a chance of a swap deal occurring between Sancho and the Frenchman who is clearly not in Lampard’s vision for Chelsea.

Another name as we all know is the popular Wilfred Zaha who has also been an impressive part of Crystal Palace so far, arguably the most consistent among the squad.

But Frank Lampard is yet to mention any name in his recent interview with reporters as he has disclosed of his plans to be very careful so as to do great business during the New Year transfer business.

“I’m calm about this window. We don’t see so much great business in January,” Lampard told Guardian.

“If it’s there to be done it’s right for the club and that’s a conversation for me and upstairs,” he continued, I don’t think we’ll go crazy just because the ban has been lifted”

“The transfer window will be a bit fluid. It is quite clear in the summer we lost Eden Hazard who has been a huge part of scoring and creating for us in the last few seasons. We need more competition in those creative areas.” Lampard told BT Sport

“We have found a way in the team where we can still be competitive in the league and the Champions League and going forward you ask ‘can we get even better in forward areas to help us to be more clinical?’ We would always look at that.” the English man said to BBC reporters.

Back at Stamford Bridge the club are also securing their most profitable young stars as Fikayo Tomori prepared to add 5 years to his stay at Chelsea.

Willian also might likely get a contract soon after the Brazilian told friends he wouldn’t love to be under Maurizio Sarri amid Juventus transfer links.

Lampard clearly is not looking to flush the squad and employ new human resources as he has told in an interview with the club official website that his aim is to balance the squad both personnel wise and internal competition wise.

“If we are going to try and do something, it will be to improve the squad. I do think we’re slightly fixated on the young players and what might be. They’re all good players. My view on the balance of the squad is how can I improve it personnel wise.

“It’s not considering age, it’s considering position, it’s considering the quality level we might bring in and will that improve us, and considering the attitude and personality of people we bring in, because I want people who want to come here, work hard and be successful at the club. That’s where the balance of it is really important for me.”

“I’m very positive about what we have in front of us [but] of course I’m always evaluating. Can we improve? Now […] there will be conversations. We have a scouting department here, of course we do, we have people working on this all the time whether the ban is here or not.” Lampard told Chelsea FC.

Chelsea might be seeing one of their own former managers back in the Premier League as Arsenal are considering replacing Emery’s space with Carlos Ancelotti who got sacked despite winning 4-0 against Genk last night.

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