Ighalo is a proven goalscorer – Solskjaer counters Neville’s claims of poor transfer plans

Ighalo is a proven goalscorer - Solskjaer counters Neville's claims of poor transfer plans

Ole Solskjaer believes Manchester United already has the whole qualities they need on the front-line in Odion Ighalo as the Nigerian prepare to join his dream team.

Odion Ighalo will in no long time be in the Manchester United shirt, becoming the first Nigerian player to feature for the Red Devils.

Despite claims by former Red Devil, Gary Neville stating that his former side grabbed Odion Ighalo at the deadline day because they had failed to plan ahead of time but it appears Solskjaer wanted Ighalo.

According to the Norwegian, Ighalo being the number 1 African Goalscorer tells he is capable of handling the pressure at Old Trafford.

“Odion Ighalo is in the air and on his way. We will give him time to settle,” Solskjaer told reporters at Old Trafford.

“He is a striker, has a physical presence and is a goalscorer so he will give us a lot.

“You would be thrilled when you have been a Manchester United supporter your whole life and you’ve been working your whole life.

Not just a National great scorer but also a league goalscorer as Ighalo recorded 10 goals in 17 appearances for the Chinese side during the 2019 season.

  • Odion Ighalo Stats.

“Being the top scorer in the African Cup of Nations tells you a lot about the qualities we are going to get.

“He’s a different type of striker. He’s a proven goalscorer, physical presence. It also gives us a chance to rest Mason Greenwood and to rest Anthony Martial at times with so many games coming up.”

“In Odion we get a proper man, a great lad, a good goalscorer. It’s not long ago he was top scorer in the African Nations Cup,” he said.

“Obviously I know him from way back, he was in Norway 10-12 years ago. Since then his career has developed.

“He gives us a different option up front, so I’m delighted that he wanted to come for a few months. For us it’s great to have him around. And I know he’s such a Man United fan and he will give absolutely everything on and off the pitch.”

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