Inter Milan bans Icardi from playing for the team

Inter Milan bans Icardi from playing for the squad somtosports
Inter Milan bans Icardi from playing for the squad somtosports

Icardi must have really gotten himself into a hot soup as Inter Milan swears never to see him play for the club again.

Maurio Icardi controversy just got more dirtier and vaulger as Inter Milan asks the Argentine to leave the club.

Inter Milan disclosed that the player would no longer play for the club and there by asks him to leave on time.

The Nerazzurri are believed to be pushing for deals on several strikers whom they plan to use as Icardi’s permenant substitutes.

The Club also wants to avert the similar issue that happened last season when Icardi refused to play for the club thereby leaving the frontline incomplete.

In a measure to fully curb this, Inter Milan look to bringing number of strikers that would make Icardi the impossible 5th option striker.

And this is only if he stays. With links from Premier league and the rest, Icardi’s depature from the club is really closer.

This was solidified when new manager, Antoine Conte demanded for two players to be offloaded from the squad; Icardi and Nainggolan.

With Nicolo Barella for Nainggolan replacement and Lukaku as Icardi’s replacement. Inter really has work to do if these players should leave.

Barella and Lukaku deal may not go as planned and therefore leaving Inter to retire to a second choice on the frontline which might be Dzeko.

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