It’s not a slight work in progress, It is a work in progress – Lampard

Its not a slight work in progress It is a work in progress Lampard
Its not a slight work in progress It is a work in progress Lampard

Frank Lampard has assured his side that they have nothing to worry about as the club is still a work in progress after humbling defeat to Bayen Munich.

The former Chelsea player has affirmed Chelsea is still a work in progress amid 7-1 loss to Bayern Munich as he looks to focus on the transfer window.

Lampard closes his first season as Chelsea manager with crucial losses against Bayern Munich, Arsenal for the FA Cup final and the Liverpool Super Cup loss but has urged his side not to be under the impression that they have a bad team.

Speaking to BTSport, the Champions League winner stressed on how things have changed for the Blues since their last highly competitive squad.

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“It’s not a slight work in progress, It is a work in progress. It is not the norm for Chelsea. In the last 20 years we had players, teams with prime [Eden] Hazard and [Diego] Costa, prime [Petr] Cech, [John] Terry and [Didier] Drogba. Competing for the Premier League title year on year, getting to finals and semi-finals regularly. We know that’s not the case [now].

“We lost the best player in the league pretty much in Eden Hazard. People would not normally commend coming fourth for Chelsea, we want more but the feeling is we have achieved something with the group we have. Now is the time to think where we can improve.”

Having conceded goals higher than the team has since 1991, Lampard knows that the Blues also needs to strengthen defensively while he hunts for Kai Havertz after landing Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech.

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“We will look at that. We have worked at it already. You feel we missed where other clubs spent and improved. Recruitment is a huge part of football. Now is the time to see if we can improve and where we can improve,” Lampard said on improving the squad.

“I feel like in a football sense I know where we can improve.”

When asked about his side’s defeat to Bayern, Lampard said, “It’s a good exercise for us to go up against Bayern and their Champions League experience, with a lot of our players having debut seasons. When you match our Champions League appearances compared to theirs, I saw lots of good things in the team and also some of the bad we have seen this season.

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“We had individual errors that gave them goals and at this level that will finish you off.

“I can see where I want us to go and I know we’ll be back.”

  • Source: BTSport

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