J. Cole Returns : Joins Chelsea’s Coaching Department

Chelsea’s former attacking midfielder, Joseph John Cole, best known as J. Cole, would be returning to Stamford Bridge in 2019.

The former player, J. Cole who is been regarded as Legend at Stamford Bridge would be reuniting with his former club in order to continue his pursuit for his coaching career.

J. Cole was at his best while featuring in the Chelsea squad back in 2003 till 2010 before he joined Liverpool.

Despite playing for as many as 8 teams(including his return to Aston Villa), Cole spent most of his career time as a footballer with Chelsea, playing Seven seasons with the Blues.

John’s return won’t be that much of a surprise, following that he disclosed his intentions of moving into the coaching department of the industry during his retirement days.

“Looking to the future, I want to stay involved in the game and I feel I can offer a lot as a coach. To lend my experience to help other young footballers achieve their dreams, just like I did, is a big passion of mine.”-Cole said.

Head of Youth Development for Chelsea, Neil Bath told the media that the club is so delighted to have their legend back with them and that is has always been Chelsea’s philosophy having series of retired players in the coaching team of the club.

‘We are delighted Joe has agreed to return to Chelsea and coach in the Academy. It has always been our philosophy to have a number of ex-players involved in our coaching structure so they can pass on their unique experiences and what it means to play for Chelsea.-Neil continued

‘Joe will work across a number of age groups and with various staff to ensure he gets to experience the full range of our program.

I’m sure sharing his experiences and football knowledge, combined with his obvious passion for the game, will help enormously with the development of our young players.’

Chelsea would be keen to welcoming the legend as he prepares to take on the Academy in a traditional style.

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