Jordi Alba Set To Join Man. City


Barcelona’s left back, Jordi Alba should be losing the knot holding him with Barcelona to join Manchester City as the transfer window encloses.

Jordi started his career with Barcelona but he was considered too small in size and had to join the neighboring team, Unión Esportiva Cornellà but later around 2012, the Spaniard finished his development at Valencia before returning to Barcelona the same year.

Ever since 2012, Jordi has remained with Barcelona, giving in all his best as a gifted player.

Alba’s last contract renewal happened on 2015 and was attached with a €150 million buyout clause for a five year contract that is deem to expire by 2020.


The fact that Alba has disclosed to the club that he doesn’t wish to continue their relationship is still a shock to the players, considering the firm nature of Alba’s relationship with Barcelona.

Alba made it clear that he does not intend to renew his contract with Barça because he has waited long enough for the contract renewal offer which doesn’t seem to be by the corner.


Although a first talk between the club and Alba has been held, but it was definitely not fruitful. Barcelona was offering Jordi a Salary that is very low compared to what the amount that he requested; Jordi actually intends to be the second highest paid employee in Barça.

Manchester City’s coach is a good fan of Jordi and therefore has swept into action to take advantage of the situation with their left-back, Benjamin Mendy out on an injury.

Mendy is Manchester’s only option for the left side but his injury has seen him off the pitch.

With Mendy out, Alba would be without competition at Manchester City.

Jordi’s contract would be without life by 2020 and this coming transfer window is the only time Barcelona would get a pay if a team succeeds in converting Alba.

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