Jurgen Klopp heaps loads of praises on Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta

Jurgen Klopp heaps loads of praises on Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta scaled
Jurgen Klopp heaps loads of praises on Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta scaled

Liverpool mananger, Jurgen Klopp has heaped loads of priaise on Frank Lampard and Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta ahead of the Red’s clash with Chelsea.

Jurgen Klopp has shared that he respects Frank Lampard alot considering the success he has been able to achieve on his first season incharge of Chelsea as Liverpool prepare to battle the Blues.

Liverpool are bound to be handed their already-won Premier League trophy following Wednesday’s fixture against Chelsea with the Blues side still battling to lift the FA Cup trophy after beating bitter-rivals, Manchester United 3:1 to move into final.

Frank Lampard will battle Arsenal who fired their way to final through Manchester City and Jurgen Klopp has greatly acknowledged the intelligence both managers brought to their clubs that has taken them this far during their first season on the clubs’ hotseat.

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The German is although specifically entertained by the fact Lampard has done really well with even the way he switches tactics in the middle of the game thereby coping with the fierce nature of being Chelsea manager.

“Frank is doing an exceptional job, not only at Chelsea either – he did really, really well at Derby already,” Klopp told Liverpool’s official website.

“[He] faced quite a challenge at Chelsea because I think when you are Chelsea manager… I don’t think anybody expected the title this year from them, but everybody expected them to qualify for the Champions League because that’s what we all need as clubs.

“That’s how it is, and that, in a really, really strong league, is always a challenge. It was for us always and will always be for us, that’s how it is.

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“I really think he did brilliantly. He is now in the FA Cup final obviously, which is a big one, and by the way, both managers in the FA Cup final, one of them will win their first major trophy this year so that’s really impressive.

“But Frank knows as well that he has a really good team there on the pitch, that’s a proper team [with] a lot of talent.”

Stressing on the relevant values imported by Frank Lampard’s tactical variations throughout this first season in charge of the Stamford Bridge side, Klopp expressed that Lampard was 100% ready of the management role even before embarking on the journey.

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“He made some interesting decisions,” he added. “He changed systems from time to time, even during games and stuff like this so that shows just that he used his playing time not only for moving his legs.

“He really learned about the game and knew already about the game before he started managing, which is a completely different animal obviously.

“But he looked really prepared for the job and I respect that a lot. Still young, yeah, but we were all young one day in our lives!

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“But he’s 100 per cent ready for the challenges out there and it’s nice for him, being a Chelsea legend, being now there in the hot-seat and I think everyone there wants him to succeed.”

Chelsea will battle Arsenal on August 1st for one of both new managers to win their first trophy in their first season as managers but before then, the Blues fate of the top 4 will be decided today when they war Liverpool as the Premier League wraps off when they face Wolverhampton on the final day.

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