Juventus suffers their second loss of the season as Ronaldo is left out.

Juventus somtosports
Juventus somtosports

Juventus suffer their second loss of the season after subtracting their talisman, Cristiano Ronaldo from today’s squad.

Juventus despite being the first to find the back of the net as they travelled to SPAL’s home, the Italian giant ended up being losing 2 goals to 1 without Ronaldo.

Allegro opted for Kean as a better replacement for Ronaldo who was excluded from the squad today and Kean really tried so much to prove why he is a better replacement but his hard works could not produce the end result.

30 minutes into the games, Kean had already converted Cancelo’s pass to a goal and the Old Lady thought it was going to be like the other days.

Spal’s Schiattarella saw the beginning of the second half as the best time to do for Bonifazi what Cancelo did for Kean. Bonifazi was so quick to anticipate and responded with a goal that had game leveled.

At this moment, Juventus began looking for another way to recoup what they’ve lost, without Cristano who is used to saving the team when issues of such arises.

Allegri was becoming so uncomfortable as the clock was ticking, high hopes and expectations grasped his mind and also the supporters’.

“Could Kean do it again?”, ” can we get back on track?”, these were possibly what the visitors thought in their mind as the match neared the 70th minute.

Spal’s Flocarri confirmed the saying, “Never underestimate the powers of a common man” at the 74th minute when he managed to score the last goal of the match.

The game finally ended after 14 minutes and Rinaldo’s absence was indeed felt just its been presently felt at Santiago Bernabeu whom it’s occupants sold the Portuguese to The Old Lady.

Juventus still sits at the top of the league having lost just 2 matches and drawing 3 and are the most likely to be crowned the league winners as they are 20 points clear Napoli who sits at the second position with 64 points.

Juventus would be expecting to entertain their guest, Ajax who will be visiting on Tuesday following their 1-1 champions league draw.

The Italian side looks to be more careful on Tuesday despite the fact that their goal at Johan Cruijff ArenA placed them on a more advantageous side of the game.

Ajax posses a great threat after they evicted the defending Champion, Real Madrid at the Round of 16. Any slight mistake from the Old Lady would have her bleed just like Los Blancos are bleeding now.

It is believed that this very reason was why Ronaldo was rested, Allegri can’t afford to loss the Champions league, especially now that he has Ronaldo with him.

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