Klopp Discloses Teams He Feared During The K-O Draw

klopp somtosports 2
klopp somtosports 2
Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has disclosed his relief over the knock out stage draw and his fear of meeting Borrussia Dortmund nor Juventus.

The manager told the clubs media that he is glad his side won’t be facing his former team, Dortmund nor The Old Lady on their next Champions league round.

Liverpool will be facing Bayern Munich at Anfield on February 19 and March 13 at the Allianz Arena, for the first and second leg respectively.

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Jurgen Klopp disclosed to the media when asked about the draw yesterday that he is grateful that he won’t be facing Juve nor Dortmund, claiming that Juventus is likely to make it to the final stage of the competition and facing them now would be detrimental to him.


He also gave his reason for not wanting to meet his former team at this very stage of the competition; saying that it was too early to meet his former team.

“To be 100 per cent honest, for that round, there were only two clubs I did not fancy [getting] really.-klopp said.

“Dortmund I did not want to meet that early. If we meet from that round on it is good for both clubs and we will see what happens.

-he continued
“And Juventus because for me they are the favourites for the tournament.

“They are so experienced. Because of the age group they are, it looks a little bit like the defense’s last chance. It will be really difficult to beat Juve this year.

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“All the rest I had no problem and now it is Bayern. That is nice for our supporters I would say. It is a city we played in for the Audi Cup. I am not sure if a lot of Liverpudlians were there but this time they should go there. It is just really nice.

“It is a massive club. It is a big challenge for us. The good thing is I like that a couple of years ago if you drew Bayern Munich you might think ‘wow, no chance’ but the thing is we have a chance.

“We know it is difficult, they know it is difficult so that is how it should be – two big games, 100 per cent.”-Klopp.

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