Klöpp lost despite criticizing Simeone defensive philosophy.

Klöpp lost despite criticizing Simeone defensive philosophy.

I don’t understand with the quality they have the football they play, they could play proper football but they stand deep and have counter, i realize that i am a bad looser especially when the boys put such an effort in against world class players on the other side, who defend with 2 rows of four.

Football is about difference, passion and philosophies so it’s not acceptable to speak about others style that make him reach top level and become a winner, just accept losing and find your mistakes.

The way Klöpp spoke about Atlético and Simione in Aggressive way, Ok you cannot accept or like what they do but you should respect, no one spoke how was Liverpool with Klöpp very naive and can be beaten easily through set pieces, counters, long balls plus defending deeply.

“I respect his identity and the quality footballers they have. We try to exploit deficiencies in the opponent. That’s what we do. And we try to win.”

Simeone on Klopp’s comments.
Klöpp lost despite criticizing Simeone defensive philosophy.

Simeone was relaxed and class in his speaking with a lot of confidence about his philosophy and ideas.
Now he can take slight breath after difficulties he saw this season in laliga.
Unity of his players with his style is the key.
Now Liverpool are out after reaching UCL final for 2 consecutive times & 3 European finals.

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