Leipzig next level with Julian Nagelsmann.

Football returned, Bundesliga makes football alive again.
So let’s refresh our memories about teams in that league.

Today we are speaking about RB Leipzig, 3rd position in the table.
With their new young coach Julian Nagelsmann they want to go into the next level in competition to be champions.
Julian builds his team on the same tactics that every team in Bundesliga use” pressing, counter pressing and counter attacks”, but also he has own style.


    Leipzig has used 10 different systems this season, the most was 442 (630min), 4222(481min), 3142(354min),343(328min).
    Julian shifted between back 3 & back 4 which is not easy to do.
    Changing systems need you to be more adaptable so they can get into your philosophy.

    He remain to use 442 or 4222 systems that was used by past managers Ralf Rangick, Ralph Hasenhüttel, but he introduced a new 3 back system that he used in hoffenheim.


    He is not the best team to possess the ball a lot of time as they have average possession 54.5% but their philosophy build on finding quick & easy solutions for ball carrier.

    But if not, Leipzig has laimer “the who help you to press and break the press” who has 12.5 passes per90min under pressure, 85 passes into final third & 5.34 progressive passes.

    Also Sabitzer who has 10.4 passes per90min under pressure, 91 passes into final third & 7.7 progressive passes per90min, 50 passes into penalty area.

    That can help the team to play under the continuous pressing in Bundesliga, gives the team time to find solutions, fill the spaces & the way to break fastly.

    Leipzig is the 3rd best attacking team in the league, they scored 62 goals this season, shot/non-penXG equal 0.13.

    They have 15.84 shots per90min, 6.04 per90min with accuracy 38%.
    They have players who can make the difference,like werner who scored 21 goals & made 7 assists this season, the 2nd best goal scorer, while his XG is 18.5.

    Sabitzer that scored 8 goals this season while his XG is 5.82, Foresberg who scored 5 goals while his XG is 2.89.
    These players who made the difference through their quality & may be good luck making the difference between the XG and goal scored is 10.5.

    Leipzig made 1367 progressive passes, 2nd in Bundesliga, 903 passes into final third, 3rd in the league, 267 passes into final third, 2nd in Bundesliga , 3rd best team to touch ball in penalty area 773 touches, werner has 200 of them.

    That indicates how Leipzig with their new manager plays, reaching the final third through middle third fastly, or through CBs runs or passes like Upamecano who made 5215 progressive distance with the this season & made 136 passes into final third.

    Despite they aren’t depend on dribbling but they had 64.9% success, so Leipzig is the 3rd team in Bundesliga to shoot from dribbling action 43 shots, 13 of them by Werner, best in the league & scored 13 from dribbling, 1st in the league.
    Werner the best German forward scored 5 from dribbling, best in the league.

    Their aggressiveness & mental power appears in their focus during attack, 1st in Bundesliga to have shots after another shot, 39 times, 8 of them by Werner.

  3. Pressing & defensive phase.

    Leipzig isn’t an aggressive pressing team, which press from the final third and trying to recover the ball as thier PPDA is 10.56.
    They depend on how to close passing lanes & decrease options to force opponents to send long balls or to pass the ball into middle third, where Leipzig reacts aggressively to recover the ball.

    317 tackles , 219 of them in the middle third & 2316 pressures in mid 3rd, top of the league.
    So it is normal to have Laimer who has 41 tackles in & 423 pressures in the middle third top of Bundesliga .

    They also have 186 tackles vs dribbling of the opponents, which help team to counter press and prevent counters positively not just by fouling.
    Laimer again to have 31 tackles vs dribbling, top of the league.

    Julian Nagelsmann depends on how to prevent opponents from reaching their final 3rd alot and keep the play in the middle one where they are perfect in pressing.

    So they received only 258 shots after Bayern Munich,93 of them on target & XG 3.01 out of the box this season which indicates that they are protected from outside the box.

Leipzig is a very good example of perfect project to build successful clubs.


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