Lewy, the fittest footballer explains why he never goes on injury

Lewandowski somtosports
Lewandowski somtosports

In a period in which the amusement is played at an inexorably angry pace and with games fixed each three or four days, also the strain of successive travel.

It is justifiable that numerous players endure solid wounds because of weariness. Be that as it may, not Lewandowski.

Bayern Munich striker; Robert Lewandowski has included in 43 aggressive games at club level so far in 2018/19. Over the past eight years his count peruses 48 (30 in the Bundesliga), 47 (33), 51 (32), 49 (31), 48 (33), 49 (31), 47 (34) and 43 (33).

To place that into point of view, Bayern legends Franz Beckenbauer (12 seasons) and Gerd Müller (10) overshadowed Lewandowski’s ebb and flow pull, yet during the 1970s, before curve demonstrable skill was the standard in the diversion, the field included 22 super-competitors.

Just Hoffenheim’s Oliver Baumann has figured out how to coordinate Lewandowski’s count of nine back to back seasons with 30 diversions played, and he’s a goalkeeper.

In nine years in Germany, the longest number of matches Lewy has missed because of damage is two. Truly, two.

In April 2017 he matches against Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen with a thump to his shoulder, however was back life the next week.

Other than that, he has just missed the 16 out of a conceivable 303 in front of the Matchday 32 visit of Hannover.

Not exclusively does the 30-year-old never appear to endure solid wounds, he recuperates from knocks and wounds with unimaginable speed.

A broke jaw? Four days out, one match missed. Broken nose? A similar everyday practice. Wounded rib? An additional four days. So how can he do it?

Previous Bayern manager; Guardiola earlier said this about the striker;

“He’s the most expert player I’ve at any point met,” he said in February 2016. “In his mind, he contemplates the correct nourishment, rest and preparing, 24 hours per day.

“He’s dependably there, never harmed, on the grounds that he centers around these things. He generally realizes what is imperative to be in the best condition.”

In solid terms, that implies focusing on little subtleties for peripheral additions. Beside his standard instructional meetings with Bayern, Lewandowski frequently works out time permitting.

“It’s unquestionably a significant factor,

“We have an exercise center at home and I use it on my days off, for the most part with my significant other; Anna. Some of the time I do uncommon activities to take a shot at my fixation, which is significant for a striker. Also, I need quality so as to contend with ground-breaking safeguards.” Little miracle he was nicknamed ‘The Body’ amid his time at Borussia Dortmund.

Seemingly of more prominent essentialness, be that as it may, is Lewandowski’s order and pledge to sustenance. What’s more, to the pleasure of kids all over, who currently have a substantial contention to present to their folks, he eats his pastry first, trailed by a starter and after that the primary course.

“As pastries are sweet, they can be processed speedier,” Lewandowski clarified in a meeting with Tageszeitung. “Soups as well. Be that as it may, proteins take more time to process. In the event that I eat something sweet toward the end and it blends with the protein in my stomach, at that point it’s harder to process also.

“Good dieting is essential to me and this technique suits me. It improves fat consuming. My significant other recommended it to me. She’s a wellness mentor and has a lot of mastery about how the body functions. She’s great at what she does – so great that a ton of different players in global football need to work with her.”


Such dietary patterns, just as removing dairy animals’ milk as it made him feel “torpid” in front of preparing and definitely lessening his chocolate utilization – Lewandowski admits to already being something of a chocaholic – have added to his surprising damage record – or rather absence of it.

“Before I thoroughly understood that I couldn’t play to my best for an hour and a half three times each week,” he told Bild. “Presently I feel much better and am very solid and steady.”

The outcomes represent themselves. Lewandowski has titles aplenty with Bayern, is the Bundesliga’s record-breaking top non-German goalscorer, as of late turned out to be just the fifth player in history to pass the 200-objective imprint, and is on course to win his fourth Torjägerkanone as the season’s driving marksman. On the off chance that anybody has the formula for progress, it’s Lewy.

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