Lionel Messi for Lautaro Martinez would be better – Marotti

Lionel Messi for Lautaro Martinez would be better Marotti scaled
Lionel Messi for Lautaro Martinez would be better Marotti scaled

Moratti has disclosed Lautaro Martinez will only leave for Barcelona if Lionel Messi would be used as an exchange.

Just as we are preparing to resume the leagues after the global pandemic, former Inter Milan president, Moratti has dropped a hint that might likely have Barcelona back-off on their hunt to land Lautaro Martinez.

Martinez has been a popular name on the Blaugrana’s want-list for quite a long time now and the Catalans have as well made their interest known to the Italian side but a deal is yet to be discussed between both teams.

Meanwhile, it appears Inter Milan are likely not willing to let go of Martinez anytime soon, following Moratti’s comment on the “If Lautaro leaves? If Messi is his replacement, I’ll accept it,” Moratti told Gazzetta dello Sport.

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“If Messi is impossible, [Paulo] Dybala would also be a good replacement for Lautaro,” he added as he as well suggested an alternate good replacement should Lautaro finally leave without them getting their hands on the Argentine Maestro.

This isn’t the first time Marroti is mentioning of a move to Inter for Lionel Messi. Even during the early days of Cristano Ronaldo’s arrival to Juventus, everyone expected to see Lionel Messi make the switch to Serie A to continue the competition.

Marotti did make mention of a possible move for Messi to match the competition and threat Ronaldo posses with Juventus but Messi appeared not ready to part ways with the Spanish side.

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At the other hand, there are slimer chances that this deal of Martinez leaving for Barcelona would hold, considering the financial crises clubs would face when the leagues resume.

Likely bringing in new players and paying transfer fees would be the least of their priorities instead they are going to rely on their youth thereby bringing some players to the senior team.

Barcelona are already on the quest of doing that as they already outline certain players who would be joining their senior team from the Team B. Find out who these 5 players are and why they are so special to play in the senior team. See 5 players to join Ansu Fati from Barcelona team B

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