Liverpool 3:1 Arsenal: Reckless David Luiz is to blame as Van Dijk’s Streak broken

Reckless David Luiz is to blame as Van Dijks Streak broken
Reckless David Luiz is to blame as Van Dijks Streak broken

Ex Chelsea player faces criticism over Arsenal loss as Pepe Bursts Virgil van Dijk bubbles

The Brazilian International fell out of favour with Lampard’s Chelsea and was forced to move to Arsenal for just £8 Million

Luiz has been handed the responsibilities of Koscielny, the Number 5 role and he seems to be doing good until last weekend.

Over the weekend, Arsenal suffered a 3:1 defeat at Anfield in the hands of Liverpool. Luiz conceded the penalty that Salah scored as a result of pulling the Egyptian’s shirt.

Later on, he was then sent to chase by Salah again when he was dribbled past at 58th minute, causing them another goal to make it 3:0. Therefore, every blame have been directed to him over the loss.

Meanwhile, for the first time since March 2018, a player has dribbled past Virgil van Dijk in the Premier League. Guess who?, Nicolas Pepe!

The new man, Nicolas Pepe was the leg to break the Dutchman’s spell, bursting past the Netherlands international in the first half.

It was a remarkable fifty match without being dribbled past, wonderful! But the Ivorian talent made him chase him at the back.

Honestly, his Co defenders and Rival fans are still celebrating the end of his record but Liverpool didn’t care as they sent Arsenal back to below.

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