Liverpool ready to take back prodigal son, Coutinho

Liverpool ready to take back prodigal son Coutinho s
Liverpool ready to take back prodigal son Coutinho s

Liverpool are still interested to bring back former winger, Philippe Coutinho after he disclosed he still respects the club.

Coutinho left for Camp Nou in January 2018 after he refused to heed to the Reds plea not to leave.

Arriving to Barcelona did start off as he wanted but definitely did not last long as he quickly lost form trying to acclimatize to the Spanish style.

A clear prove of this, is his current performances with his National side. Coutinho unlike in Barcelona, has helped O Canarinho get into the last four.

Being a player with exceptional qualities, Coutinho remaining at Camp Nou would do him more harm than good.

An exit is the only solution to his career and rumors exist of him wanting to make a switch to Man. United which he lately dismissed the rumor.

Coutinho made it clear while speaking to the media that he can’t join Man. United because he has great respect for Liverpool.

This statement would really be doing him good as the Reds has disclosed that they are now open to bring the winger back, adding that they considered his past move as a mistake that they see he has realized he made.

According to Tom Werner; Liverpool chairman, Coutinho made a mistake to join Barcelona in his quest of wanting to win the Champions league but the Reds are willing to take him back now.

Tom Werner’s statement to Liverpool Echo.

“I would just point to the story of Philippe Coutinho,”

“I have only good things to say about Philippe. But I think he left Liverpool because he wanted to play for one of the two big Spanish clubs.

“We tried to convince him that we had the club moving in the right direction and that he could experience big Champions League occasions by staying at Liverpool. I think he probably regrets his decision.”

Indeed the management was moving the club towards the right direction with Klopp as the headman.

They now have what Coutinho seeked for when he left Anfield and the Brazilian seems to be wanting a return to his former home.

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