Liverpool Sets to Increase Anfield Capacity Past 60,000


Liverpool Sets to Increase Anfield Capacity Past 60,000 as they came up with the Idea of sharing expansion plans with supporters

Liverpool sets to conduct a series of public consultation events following their plans to share proposals for the enhancement of Anfield Road Stand.

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They are embarking on a project to extend the capacity of their stadium, Anfield above 60,000 which will take another step forward this week – reports Goal.

The club have provided more than 5,000 leaflets, calling to the notice of local residents and business to a series of public consultation events, where they are to share their plans for the proposed redevelopment of the Anfield Road Stand.

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Earlier this year, August precisely, the Reds had come up with initial plans which aims at developing of Anfield Road End. Making planning permission for the addition of around 4,000 seats was allowed to lapse with club owners, Fenway Sports Group revealing it’s plans to explore alternative redevelopment options.

This Idea came up with a knowledge that their Premier League Rivals, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham and Arsenal- all have larger stadiums, which had led to a series of feasibility studies investigating the economic viability of a new, larger Anfield.

The Club owners, Fenway Sports Group, (FSG) have already showed willingness to expand the stadium. They spent £10million ($142m) on building the new main stand, which was launched in 2016 and enhance the capacity above 54,000.

Chairman Tom Werner said, while speaking in July.

“We are still analysing the opportunity to build on Anfield Road. We are trying to figure it out.”

“When we went forward with the main stand expansion, which I am very proud about, we obviously wanted to do it right so we were quiet about it. In a perfect world, we will be able to figure this out.”

Ian Byrne, who is appointed to be the labour’s parliamentary candidate for West Derby in the coming election, has led a campaign for a new train link to Anfield, which will help to eliminate traffic problems around the stadium on match days.


“I think giving people the facility to get straight to a new match and leave their cars at home would be transformational,” Byrne told Liverpool Echo in September. “It would be fundamental for the area and could cut down on the traffic and pollution issues, particularly when the stadium expands.”

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“Residents are absolutely right to ask the city and club, if the stadium does extend, what are the transport plans?”

On Friday November 29, the first consultation event will happen at the Kop Bar in Anfield, time (4pm-8pm) with two more to come up on Monday, December 2 (4pm-8pm) and Tuesday, December 3 (12pm-4pm).

Liverpool also made it known to the public that they will set up an online supporters to view the new proposals and submit their feedback via an online forms

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