Man. City pauses Guardiola Juve move with €114m offer

manchester city pauses Guardiola juve rumor with €114m offer somtosports
manchester city pauses Guardiola juve rumor with €114m offer somtosports

Juventus dreams of having Pep Guardiola seems far-fetched as Man. City offers €114m

Juventus manager; Max Allegri will be leaving the club and Man. City manager, Pep Guardiola has been the most favorite to take up the job.

Juventus ended this season quite well after they extended their back-to-back reign over the Serie A despite lossing out on the Champions league.

So as Pep Guardiola and his men who also retained the Premier league title and also a local cup but also missed out the Champions league.

Despite having arguably the best squad in Europe, Guardiola has found it difficult to bring the Champions League to Etihad Stadium.

Some say he doesn’t know how to use these players properly while others imply he just needs more time to get the job done.

But Guardiola at the other hand is really doing a good job. Ending the 2018/2019 campaign with 98 points isn’t something easy.

This very reason has recently led Juventus into declaring their intentions of having Guardiola as Allegri’s replacement.

The Old Lady definitely want a man that can continue what Allegri has done. If not better, and Guardiola is definitely the perfect match.

Guess Manchester City is not just going to give up on Pep so soon just because an offer came to him.

Instead the Citizens have launched out another proposal to have him stay around for the next 5 years and bag €114m, according to a post published on

A very tempting offer that Pep can’t afford miss added with the fact that he is really loving his stay at Etihad.

Juventus would have to look elsewhere or better still launch a trade war against Manchester City if they really want Pep.

Although, there are other names linked to the Juve managerial post; Sarri and Pochettino also are considered here.

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Sarri’s future isn’t decided yet but rumors have it that the manager might leave after the Europa League Final.

So as Poche who hasn’t disclosed if he’s leaving or not, but speculations state that the manager might leave Tottenham if he wins the Champions league.

Reason because he might think that its time to try out another team considering that he has achieved his objectives with Spurs.

A lot of blur futures here but probably by the end of the season, it would be clearer.

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