Man United Legend, Gary Nevile calls on Football to financially support NHIS against COVID-19

Man United Legend, Gary Nevile calls on Football to financially support NHIS against COVID-19

Former Manchester United player, Gary Neville has called on the Football Tycoons to assist NHIS with finances to help combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

The impact of COVID-19 has been greatly felt all over the world and Professional football isn’t an exception, prompted Gary Neville into calling out for Football Tycoons to assist NHIS in the elimination of the deadly virus.

Sports activities among others have been paused arguably all over the globe as a measure to help combat the vast spread of the virus, as it’s said to having the ability to easier fasten itself on Sportsmen’s body than any other individuals.

The Professional leagues are expected to return in no less time than April 30th, although it’s not yet assured it’s going to be by then as assumptions also claim June will be a perfect resumption. 

Man United Legend, Gary Nevile calls on Football to financially support NHIS against COVID-19 2

Neville believes unifying in combating the virus might help it being eradicated earlier than required.

National Health Service is the largest single-payer healthcare system in the world that is publicly funded in England. NHIS is one of the four National Health Service systems in the UK. 

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Formed 71 years ago, the NHIS has of lately received massive support from Gary Neville who has opened his co-owned hotel to the body as he also beacons on the Premier League’s elites to contribute in the fight against COVID-19.

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“I am hoping the League Managers Association, PFA, FA, Premier League and EFL are behind the scenes coming up with something,” Neville told the Daily Mail.

“They have done in terms of the protection of the health of the fans and players. That’s number one.

“Number two is that they can now come up with something that protects the business of football so that the clubs don’t go to the wall and that fans have a club to watch at the end of this.

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“But after that, I am hoping football can do something very big from a community basis on a nationwide scale — in terms of how they can contribute in this time.

“Whether that’s individual as players or staff or clubs, we know there have been some great gestures already. But I do think something else has to come.

Man United Legend, Gary Nevile calls on Football to financially support NHIS against COVID-19 1

“Football has to look outwards. You can’t just look inwards at a time like this. Football has to do something quite spectacular, I think so that it sets the tone for the rest of the country. That is what football needs to be doing and I am sure it is doing,” he ended.

“I am conscious of creating ideas that put pressure on football or players. I don’t want to do that,” The Manchester United added when asked what he entails.

-he continued “but ultimately you can imagine the amount of money that could be awash in football that could potentially be diverted at this time towards more essential services.

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“I was critical of the Premier League days ago when I thought they were slow to shut down. There was so much global intelligence around.

“But I think now the organisations within football will do the right thing and make bold decisions that won’t only benefit football but also communities outside the game.”

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