Man United news: Moyes discloses the problems awaiting Ole Solskjaer

Moyes discloses the problems awaiting Ole Solskjaer
Moyes discloses the problems awaiting Ole Solskjaer

Former Manchester United Manager, David Moyes has thrown lights at what the current manager should expect at Old Trafford.

David Moyes lasted only 10 months as Sir Alex Ferguson’s successor at Old Trafford after he failed to carry on the winning nature of Sir Alex.

The former Everton manager felt he had gotten the best and only opportunity he needed in life but disappointedly blew it as he failed to please he bosses and the fans.

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Moyes recently disclosed that the current manager might and would surely have good plans in store for the Red Devils but advised Solskjaer to be wary of the tough season ahead.

According to Moyes, Solskjaer has his eyes on signing youngstars alone, which is actually the club’s traditional modus operandi and thereby increases his chances of getting the job done.

But the Scottish as well advised Solskjaer not to be too relaxed on the job tasks he has as he as well faced with a tough season, task and supporters.

“It is a tough job. You have seen how tough it has been for myself, Louis van Gaal and Jose ­Mourinho – very experienced managers have found it difficult.” Moyes said

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He continued, “I think it will be another tough season for Ole, but he is trying to do everything to get it right. I hope he is successful. But there are massive ­expectations.

“When you ­become ­Manchester United manager you are expected to win every game. And when you win the game, you are expected to have done it with style. Then when you win, you are expected to have scored plenty of goals as well.

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“Ole will be aware of that and know he has to do well.” Moyes said.

The former manager might have failed but he didn’t get much of what he wanted at Old Trafford, especially when he wanted to bring in Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas.

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His views on Ole going for young players shows he also is a believer of younger versions of teams too as he gave a great reference that United might be on their way on getting the next C. Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

“They have now chosen to sign some young players, and when you look back they signed Wayne Rooney from us at ­Everton aged 18. Cristiano Ronaldo was also 18 when he joined, so over the years they have had a policy of signing young players and many of them have been the best up-and-coming future stars.

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“I think Man United just need to follow their values of old.”

The former manager said as he as well reflected to his days at Old Trafford and guess the 56-year-old still blames himself for his failures but also in some sides blames Manchester United for not giving him enough time to get the job done.

“I would have loved to have done much better. It was a great ­opportunity and a job I felt I fitted.

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He continued;

“I am more ­disappointed with myself that I didn’t make it work. I believe I am much better than what I showed. I had to do better. There were ­mitigating ­circumstances. When you look at it now, what Sir Alex got from the squad to win the league is remarkable.

“What I didn’t get was time.

Moyes somehow thrilled the reporters as he disclosed that he had Champions league targets which would have been met if he had remained with the Red Devils.

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“Do I believe United would be in the Champions League now? Yeah I do, if I had been in charge.” Said Moyes.

Moyes continued;

“Do I believe we would have a much more stable club? Yeah, I do. I have also got to admit in the short time I was there, I had to win more games.

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The Scottish indeed had good plans in store for the Man United but just as he told the reporters, his plans were blindfolded by his inability to get the required and desired resources.

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“I had a really good squad, but an ageing squad. I only signed two players, other ­managers have signed lots. I didn’t think United needed to sign bundles of players, but needed to do it gradually.

The former manager continued;

“What you would ideally do at most clubs is sign three or four senior players a year. I would still try to follow that. Manchester United could never be a ­revolution. It has to be ­evolution. I wanted to follow all those things that Manchester United stood for and felt that was the way to go about it.

“I didn’t think I was going to be under pressure after six or 10 months because that wasn’t the club’s values. Maybe I was naive and I should have realised that quicker.” The manager said as he advised Solskjaer not to make the same mistake of thinking that the Red Devils would be patient with him.

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“It was a squad which was changing and ­ageing, and very attached to the ­previous manager – and rightly so. It was going to take a bit of time for them to get used to me but I wouldn’t have changed or altered what I did.” He ended.

The Scottish is currently with no club as he eyes a Champions League team after turning down several offers, both from home and abroad.

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