Man United out list 3 alternatives after accepting Jadon Sancho defeat

Man United outlist three alternatives after accepting Sancho defeat

Man United have reportedly turned attention to Jadon Sancho alternatives after seeing bid for the 20-year-old failing multiple times.

Jadon Sancho has been on Man United want list for so long and attempts to land him have failed over and over with Dortmund remaining stagnant on their £108m price tag.

According to Telegraph, Man United have accepted to pend the chase and turn attention to available alternatives in the market.

Although they might be of older age but would provide temporal Jadon Sancho like of services while United wait for the Dortmund man’s 3-years left to elapse.

Douglas Costa

Man United are now looking at either landing Juventus want-away number 11, Douglas Costa with the Brazilian having suffered major set backs due to injury woes.

Man United outlist three alternatives after accepting Sancho defeat 2

With just 6 goals in 71 appearances for Juve, Douglas Costa might be looking at English Football games should United finally pick him as a priority over the other two out-listed alternatives.

Despite having a contract yet to expire by 30th June, 2022, Costa has valued at €2m to €4m according to CIES. The 30-year-old would be a cheaper alternative Man United decided to risk on the injury prone man.

Ivan Perisic

The next name on the list is Ivan Perisic who has returned to Inter Milan after Bayern Munich failed to extend his loan stay following a successful spell with the Bavarian, winning the UCL after victory over Thomas Tuchel’s PSG.

Maan United outlist three alternatives after accepting Sancho defeat 3

Man United have in the past been linked to landing the Croatian but failed to make an official bid to land the left winger.

Also has his contract to run until 30th June, 2022, Perisic is believed to be worth around €20-30m as he is more likely to feature in games than Costa who might eventually easily get sidelined due to hard English games.

Gareth Bale

Man United outlist three alternatives after accepting Sancho defeat 4

We also have Gareth Bale on the list but likely Man United won’t push harder on this deal despite the Welsh man’s demands to return to the Premier League where he attained breakthrough.

Real Madrid president also has been disclosed to have asked for teams who would be interested in the 31-year-old not to worry much about price tag as his side would accept lower pay than expected in order to help push Bale’s move.

Man United have these three players to choose and have until the end of the transfer window to land an alternative in order to strengthen up their squad after losing their friendlies 1-0 to Aston Villa during the weekend.

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