Man United thrashed City for the third time with same strategy

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photo 2020 03 10 21 42 19

Manchester United beats Manchester City for the 3rd time this season using one strategy.

Manchester united wins city at home for the 1st time since 12th of April 2015 in EPL.

Both team entered the game with their line-ups,..
United used 3412 while City used 433 that changed during the game to 3241 with Zinchenko moving more inside to play as a no.6 beside Rodrigo.
Olé’s idea was to create 2vs2 situation in the final 3rd between city’s CBs and Martial with James, while Bruno is their provider
His defensive role is to mark rodri to stop city’s building up and breaking their 1st line of pressure.
Man united played with 2 philosophy, Major one and minor one.
Major is to set deep defending in the last 40 yard and closing distances in the middle with half-spaces.
Preventing city from direct play and make their possession useless.
The minor is to press high using man-oriented philosophy of marking.
Pep read Manchester counter early, Cancelo stop as a 3rd defender with 2 City’s CB to convert situation into 2vs3.
This give williams to move forward and use the outside channel with moving of martial more centrally, also Aron Wan-Bissaka moved forward to attack the space presented by moving of Zinchenko in center the field.
While James goes 1vs1 against otamendi

-Aron did a very aggressive job against Sterling, 8/8 tackles while Raheem lost possession 10 times the most in the match with 2/6 in dribbling with only 1 in the final third.

In 2nd half Pep tried to make his pitch more wider by using open triangle in midfield with Zinchenko moves wider more than central role to stretch the pitch on the left side and to help Sterling vs Wan-Bissaka.

And then Mahrez to stretch the pitch in the right side while Jesus entered to give more pressing and dynamic movements in the final third.

Agüero touched the ball 3 times only in Manchester box till he is out.
Changing positions with Sterling to Give him the space to reach the box and escape from the outside channel and goes 1vs1 against Aron, And give city attacking threat and depth.

With Mahrez who positioned wide to go against Williams that is weak in duels, he was dribbled 6 times in the match, a spaces was found behind him because of movement of Shaw to Face Foden infiltrating.
So Olé Decided to enter Bailey to play as RCB to mark Sterling and use lindelöf Reading of the play and Covering style of play to stop this threat, McTomminay entered to close the right side with overloads coming from FB of city with Gündogan more central and Sterling in half-space.
Creating triangles to stop city’s wide triangles with 3511.
Mendy entered to improve philosophy of the team in the 2nd half, but he lost the ball 3 times, 2 of them was in city’s half.
Ighalo entered when it was raining instead of Bruno who Created 5 chances the most, has no role to play in this situation and time of duels and challenging came, he left the pacey James to keep the option of counters.
Bruno came and put his touch on the team, they never lost a game with him he gave the vision and play-making and rotating they need.

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