Man United transfer plans ceased in cyber attack

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Prospective Manchester United transfers have been thrown into jeopardy as a result of a cyber attack suffered last week with IT specialists still investigating the extent of loss incurred.

The English giants fell prey to an unprecedented attack on its database systems last week and is yet to determine the degree of loss amid growing fears regarding confidential materials on player targets and on-going scouting missions being breached by the hackers.

Speaking to the press last week, United disclosed that its forensic cyber experts are working relentlessly on getting to the root of the attack but failed to confirm whether the club is a victim of ransomware following widespread reports of a multi-million pound ‘ransom’ demand by the perpetrators.

With the January transfer window weeks away, United may be missing in transfer action following this attack as its global scouting operation already halted and the club’s entire e-mail system still disabled over week after the breach.

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It is also feared that sensitive personal details of United’s current squad members may have been compromised since all details on active, long and short-term player targets are held in files within the system and its believed its now part of the forensic investigations underway.

Fans have also expressed fears of their personal data being targeted by the cyber criminals but United insists they aren’t aware of any fan data being breached.

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