Marshisio – Ronaldo doesn’t assure you of UCL

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PicsArt 04 19 11.23.21

Juventus still yet to recover from the shock of the champions league elimination and Claudio Marshisio fires a Naked truth at the club.

The Old Lady must have built her hope all around Cristiano Ronaldo’s neck, no wonder disappointment has griped her.

According to the club’s former midfielder, Marshisio while speaking in an interview with Il Corriere della Sera, bringing in Ronaldo into the squad is a smart and “good for business” move.

But does this actually guarantee Champions league for the Old Lady? No!
Marshisio disclosed that the last time he visited Turin, he noticed that the team was been built on Ronaldo’s shoulder.

This pattern would definitely be bad for the team, since only one player do not face 11 opponents alone, he needs a team and any leak anywhere in the squad will affect the team play.

 “There were many expectations inside and outside Juventus. With Ronaldo, they thought they had closed the gap to reach the Champions League.

“For what I saw when I was in Turin everything was built around him because such great champions improves the self confidence of every player. ” Marshisio ended.

Marshisio’s statement is far from a hate speech considering the fact that Ronaldo alone scored the whole goals recorded in favor of Juventus during the knock out stage.

“However, one single champion can’t guarantee wins. Football is not science, they hadn’t considered that”. Marshisio added.

A second vindication to this statement is the news of what Ronaldo had told his mother when he got home, the night his team was eliminated by Ajax.

Ronaldo’s statement implied that he tried all he could but his mates’ performances were not up to par. He ended by saying that he couldn’t perform a magic.

Truly, Ronaldo doesn’t assure Juventus the Champions league, and this is definitely contrary to what the club’s defender said earlier this season;

Bonucci told the media earlier that Ronaldo being with the team makes the Champions league more of a target than a challenge.

The team would have to go back and prepare as one team before the next champions league campaign begins or else be ready to still suffer the same fate as they are just doing now.

Meanwhile, Marshisio also disclosed that he would be absent from the pitch for a while due to an injury on his Fibula which he wants to recover without the help of any surgery.

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