Mason Mount Reveals Dad’s Advice That Impelled Him To Career Breakthrough

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Mason Mount has credited his Dad for his recent Chelsea career successes

Mount despite having switched to a German from an English manager still remained a regular in Chelsea’s starting line up.

It was of course rumored that the 22-year-old would lose his spot once Frank Lampard was sacked.

But it definitely has been the opposite for the midfielder who has lauded praises to his Dad who he said advised him on how to be a relevant 10.

Mason Mount Reveals Dad's Advice That Impelled Him To Career Breakthrough 1

Mason Mount’s most recent master class show was his magical turn against UCL opponent, FC Porto.

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On turning in the 18-yard-box, Mount automatically relived himself off defense pressures and fired wide into the far corner to put Blues in lead before Chilwell ice sealed the victory late in the game.

Not just is he relevant in Chelsea squad but also has broken and retained a major place in Southgate’s England squad.

The just concluded international break saw a superb performance from the youngster as well as he announced of his arrival with a super assist in the side’s first game.

Speaking on how he has managed to stay relevant following his Father’s advice, Mason Mount said;

“You don’t want to be a luxury Number 10. They’re going out the game.” ( Mount’s Dad to Mount).

The attacking midfielder continued narrating; “You want to be someone who can do the attacking side of it, but also the defensive side.”

“I’ve always welcomed that and tried hard to bring it into my game,” Mount shared.

Mason Mount Reveals Dad's Advice That Impelled Him To Career Breakthrough 2

Mount has booked 8 goals for Chelsea this season in 41 games as the side set to battle FC Porto on Tuesday night.

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