Matteo Kovacic Responds To Pepe’s Strange Claim Ahead Of UCL Clash

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The former Real Madrid man has debunked claims from his former teammate ahead of Chelsea Porto clash on Wednesday

Kovacic stated during the press today that Pepe’s strange claim of their matching isn’t as said.

Chelsea triumphed over Atletico Madrid to book their way into the Quarter finals of the Uefa Champions League.

With Juventus also being knocked out at the round of 16s, Porto were matched to face off Chelsea side.

But right after the matching, Porto’s captain, Pepe claimed Chelsea were happy to have been matched against them in the sense that they would be an easier game.

‘It was public that Chelsea players celebrated the draw. But they also know that it will be a difficult game,’ the Pepe told told TNT Sports.

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‘They know that we are a humble, hard-working, supportive team. In the spirit of our fans and what the coach demands of us as players, the work must always be there.

‘You can miss a pass, a ball control, a goal, but the work and the desire to win must always be present and that’s what we will try to demonstrate in the game in Seville.’

But Matteo Kovacic during the press conference today debunked the Portuguese’s claim saying; ‘No. It’s strange to hear that from Pepe because I played with him for three years so I don’t know what he actually means with that or if he said it.

‘But of course not. I didn’t celebrate because when I played before at Real Madrid, I know that in these kind of stages there are no lucky opponents or bad opponents.

‘This is a tough draw, Porto is an amazing team which we saw against Juventus and they knocked them out so it’s a big opponent out.

‘They showed great character and a great team spirit and we need to show that as well tomorrow.

‘We need to try our best to go through but it will not be easy.’

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