Mauro Icardi in fresh trouble amid the UCL Dortmund game

Maurio Icardi in fresh trouble amid Dortmund clash
Maurio Icardi in fresh trouble amid Dortmund clash

Maurio Icardi seems to be in a big mess once again and now its with his new team, PSG.

The Argentine might become a bench-warmer amid his actions prior to the Borussia Dortmund UCL clash.

Over there in France, things seem not to be going on fine with the manager in-charge of the most influential team, PSG. Tuchel has lately been reported to have fallen off the balance with few big names in the club.

Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are the two main case study of this intra-group conflict but seems the striker on loan, Maurio Icardi would be the next name to be added to the black list.

According to reports gathered by SoccerLink via Calciomercato, before the Borussia Dortmund match, Thomas Tuchel had decided to bench, Maurio Icardi for the first leg as he has already benched Neymar in the past and afterwards Mbappe.

Tuchel benched Mbappe with an excuse of the Frenchman being annoyed that he was replaced and Neymar’s was that he was lacking to meet the pace of the club.

Maurio Icardi was the only one to react in a bad way as the striker got angry and threw chairs all over the place.

Maurio Icardi in fresh trouble amid Dortmund clash 1

An act that presented him to be used as a scape-goat. Thomas Tuchel had to feature Neymar, Mbappe and Di Maria in place of Icardi.

This left the Inter Milan striker shocked as he was frustrated and silent. Likely chances, he would as well warm the bench today as the Parisians battle Bordeaux at home.

Icardi needs to have a rethink about his future as Inter Milan is already a no go area for him, and Juve move not sure for him yet.

If he continues his bad behaviors, then its likely to be from PSG to the retirement club.

We will see what happens to Icardi today.

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