Mbappe’s Excess Demands From Los Blancos

mbappe somtosports
mbappe somtosports
Paris Saint German’s fate in retaining Kylian Mbappe as a player is now left in Real Madrid’s hands.

French wonder-kid, Kylian Mbappe is definitely the most expensive player in the transfer market and any team that comes for him will be victim of heavy spending.

But Real Madrid, being the Champions of Spain snubbs this warning as they go ahead to initiate a deal that would have Mbappe put on the Real Madrid shirt.

Los Blancos’ demand has left them with no option than to satisfy Mbappe’s demand or forfeit the young-talent.

Mbappe might be actually asking for more than enough as he demands that the defending Champions make him the highest paid player in the Laliga if he should join the team.

As if that wasn’t enough, Mbappe went on to request for Karim Benzema’s contract termination claiming that they two play on the same wing and probably might have similar attributes, despite Karim being his country-man.

Kylian said that it would be detrimental for his young and still rising career to be in the same team with a player such as Karim.

The 19 year old kid definitely wants to rule Los Blancos’ frontline.- Somtosports


Florentino Pérez’s level of interest on the youngster might compel him to meeting to Mbappe’s demand.

 But this will mean that Mbappe despite his age, will top the five times Ballon d’ Or winner, Lionel Messi as the highest paid player in the Laliga; definitely part of the reasons Ronaldo left, the team couldn’t pay him what the Argentine maestro is earning.

Procastination and fear of risk has really caused Madrid alot considering the fact that they would have been the team in possession of Mbappe’s services by now and not PSG.

Madrid earlier on, when Mbappe was still with Les Monégasques (AS Monaco) had made enquiries on what it would cost them to obtain the services of the fast rising star.

Then, the cost wasn’t as much as it is today, but due to Madrid’s uncertainty concerning the player’s consistency, Real Madrid paused his arrival to Santiago Bernabeu.

This delay gave Paris Saint German an opportunity to ambush the transaction and hijacked Mbappe with a blistering deal that neither Kylian nor his father, who is likewise his agent, could resist.

With Mbappe playing a crucial in France’s World Cup winning and also his terrific records at Paris, Real Madrid are back on his track again but are they willing to give in?

Reputations might be stabbed and as well betrayal might be given room to rule. It depends on how Benzema will see this.

Kylian Mbappe-somtosports
Kylian Mbappe-somtosports

The most interesting part is that Real Madrid has, till the transfer window opens and closes, to meet to Kylian’s demand. Such a short period to handle such rigid and future-affecting demand.

Meanwhile back to Paris, where the defending Champions might suffer lots of talent-drainage if they fail to win the Champions league. Yea, the players would want to leave for a team that would assure them of the Champions League trophy.

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