Melchoit, former Chelsea defender- Caballero would have helped Chelsea

Caballero would have saved Chelsea Melchoit
Caballero would have saved Chelsea Melchoit

Former Chelsea defender; Mario Melchoit has disclosed that he has no atom of sympathy for Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Following the dramatic incident that occured on Sunday in the Carabao cup final, former Chelsea defender Melchoit has shared his thoughts on the incident.

Melchoit stated that Kepa has no reason of whatsoever to disobey his boss; Maurizio Sarri after the 24 year old goalie refused to leave the pitch as directed by his manager.

Kepa claimed that the incident was a total misunderstanding, stating that his manager misunderstood the fact that he had been checked twice by the medical team.

The manager thought I had become injured, so he opted to substitute me, Kepa entailed.

Despite this excuse, Melchoit still thinks that Kepa’s decision was disrespectful, both to Sarri and the Club as a whole.

Even when David Luiz, his team mate approached him and pleaded with him to leave the pitch as instructed, Arrizabalaga still refused.

Sarri made a nice and wise move opting to pull Kepa for the installation of former Manchester City Keeper; Willy Caballero.

According to Skysports, Melchoit thinks that had it been Caballero went into the pitch, Chelsea would have had greater probability of winning the match.

Considering the fact that Caballero was once a Citizen and also a keeper known for his penalty stopping skills.

“For me, this is a really weird situation,” Melchiot, who won an FA Cup with Chelsea, told Sky Sports News.

“If you have a goalkeeper who knows the opponent, knows how to maybe stop the penalties, then you want him on because then, psychologically, you’re already 1-0 ahead in the penalty shootout.”

“Okay, Kepa saved (Leroy Sane’s) penalty but I still agree that he should have come off. The manager is in charge. The moment when he said ‘I don’t want to come off’ – there is no sympathy.

“Luiz went up to him and told him to go off. When one of your team-mates is also telling you that, you’re almost dictating and it doesn’t put Sarri in a good position.”

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