Memphis Depay comes for Mourinho as he blows hot

Memphis Depay comes for Mourinho as he blows hot

Former Man. United Forward, Memphis Depay might have just extended the ‘Mourinho days without a team’.

Memphis Depay who left for Lyon on January 2017 has clearly blamed his former boss for his failures at Old Trafford according to DonBalon.

The 25 year old arrived Manchester United in 2015 for £25 million and was the fourth player the club has signed from PSV.

Depay’s value was disclosed in a statement by the then manager, Louis Van Gaal who stated that he quickly signed Depay cause of interests from PSG.

It was really a great transfer battle Manchester United had won considering the fact that several top flight teams were also after the player.

Arsenal, PSG and even Liverpool despite that the manager incharge of the Reds then, claimed to have had no interest in the player but PSV director, Brands stated otherwise.

Memphis coming to Old Trafford must have been the start of a great history in the making, as he looked forward on taking on the same path of his predecessors.

Van Nistelrooy, Ji Sung Park and Jaap Stam were all great players at Manchester United and Depay was looking forward to such a similar career for himself.

But it wasn’t this easy for Depay as his days under Van Gaal wasn’t as he thought it would be.

When questioned why his performances wasn’t up to expectation, he blamed the stressful calender of the Red Devils.

“There are a lot of games in Manchester. There are very few rest days and on training days you are mainly concerned with recovering. It’s heavy, two games a week, always at a high level, and my body has to get used to that.”

This were his exact statement to the Telegraph but assistant manager Ryan Giggs blamed Depay’s flashy lifestyle for the player’s poor performances.

27th may 2016, Depay was set for an unforseen major career setback as Jose Mourinho took charge of Manchester United.

Depay was now a major ‘bench warmer’ as he never played for 90 minutes under Mourinho.

With the total of 20 minutes played in all four appearances as substitute during the 2016/2017 season.

He was in the starting line up against their league cup opponent, Northampton Town but was substituted at the 57th minute.

And only three Europa League appearances as substitutes as well, Depay featured in a total of 8 matches for the whole 2016/2017 season.

An offer from Lyon appeared as a safe haven for the player as he quickly grabbed the £22 million offer and joined Lyon on January 20th, 2017.

Depay seems relaxed at Lyon Olympic stadium as he has netted 10 goals in 35 league appearances and made 2 assists.

And the man whom he now claimed tormented his career, is currently without a club after losing his job to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

With several special offers waiting for the special one and none sealed yet, Memphis Depay might have seen this as a great opportunity for vengeance.

The player in an interview recently disclosed that his bad days at Old Trafford were all Mourinho’s fault.

Memphis Depay comes for Mourinho as he blows hot_somtosports
“When Mourinho came, I felt confident and even trained at a higher level, but nothing changed my situation, even giving everything in training.”

A statement capable of ushering Mourinho into retirement from here.

“When Mourinho came, I felt confident and even trained at a higher level, but nothing changed my situation, even giving everything in training.”

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“But Ibrahimovic, Pogba or Carrick among others, wondered how it was possible that I never had a chance”.

“He(Mourinho) told me that he was very satisfied with my work and my attitude, but he never gave me options to play.

“And at that moment he made me lose my mind . After training I went home and did not want to see anyone: mentally, I had a hard time and it got worse every day. “

The player stated.

Mourinho is yet to respond to this allegations as he looks forward on grabbing a new deal soon.

Depay is also known for his musical career as he has already released an album titled, La Vibes.

Could Depay’s flashy lifestyle be the cause of his failures at Old Trafford as claimed by Giggs or could it be Mourinho?

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