Mendes Speaks On Him And Ronaldo


Moments after the Global Soccer Awards, Cristano Ronaldo’s agent; Jorge Mendes was out speaking to the Sky Italia on several issues concerning Cristano and him.

Mendes spoke about Cristano’s ambitions of wanting to win the champions league with Juventus just like he did in Real Madrid (alone) as claimed by the 52 year old Portuguese.

“Ronaldo? He deserved to win everything, he did too well, he scored 15 goals in the Champions League, he won it with Real, practically alone. He’s the best ever, a special champion. “
Mendes told the Sky Italia.

Mendes went on to applaud the present Juve squad proclaiming that the squad is the most fit to be crowned the winners of the present champions league campaign.

“Juve with Ronaldo, Cancelo and other summer purchases are very strong, they are a serious candidate for the Champions League. Ronaldo dreams of winning UCL with Juve, but we need luck. We’ll see what happens at the end,”- He said.

Jorge Mendes
Photo: Courtesy (Jorge Mendes)

Having been active as an agent since 1996, Mendes might be hinting that it is getting to the point he would say goodbye to his job as he told the reporters;

“It’s always a great honor, I’m very happy. In the future, we’ll see what happens, I’m already old, I do not have to work all my life (laughs).”

Jorge Mendes has actually been named the Best Agent of the Year, six consecutive times at the Global Soccer Awards(2010-2015) and last night was again named the winner of the award.

Is Ronaldo actually capable of causing Juve to win the UCL?

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