Morata’s Return Won’t Pull Hazard To The Flank

Chelsea’s Manager, Maurizio Sarri has shared an insight, disclosing that Morata’s return won’t see Hazard return to his main Position and also for the boys to forget the past and focus on the present.

Maurizio Sarri recently shared on the media that with everything going so fast in the Premier league season, he wouldn’t want to waste his time reflecting on the past, as there would be time in the future to do so.

The manager spoke about Hazard’s false role, disclosing that Eden is definitely improving as a striker and just like he does in his normal position, the Belgian has definitely been living up to expectations at his new role, despite his earlier complains of wanting to return to his normal role.


Haven scored all their goals in their 2-1 win over Watford in their last match, Hazard is really adapting to the new role and plans of him returning to his old position might soon be far-fetched.

The owner of the position, Alvaro Morata is still struggling to get back to full fitness, but Morata’s return won’t pull Hazard back to his former role, rather Morata would be another alternative for the role despite rumors of him wanting to leave the club.

Sarri disclosed how Hazard as a striker is different from Morata’s striking pattern saying;

‘I think Alvaro of course is better in the box, maybe he is better to attack spaces, but I have to say Eden is improving. As you saw in the last match, for the second goal, he attacked very well the spaces,’

Sarri continued..
‘It is different because Eden of course is better when he comes to play with the midfielders, is better to open spaces for the wingers. It’s different, it’s another way of playing.

‘Alvaro’s potential is to be a very good player. At the moment, I think we need to be balanced on the pitch, we need to be more solid, and so in the last matches I preferred these solutions, but for the future everything is open I think.’
Sarri said.

The Italian coach was made to express how he felt towards their loss to both Leicester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers,

“We made the mistakes in two matches, Wolves and Leicester,’ said Sarri. ‘Leicester only in the second half, because we played very well in the first half. I think it was one of the most important performances in our season, in the first half. We were not able to react to the difficulty.” Sarri explained

chelsea loss

“So we could have gained three or four points more in those two games. I don’t want to talk about the match at Tottenham, because we lost without problems. But on the other hand it was very difficult because we had a very unusual pre-season.”

“We had three weeks for working, then we started to play every three days, so it’s not easy here to work to improve the individual players or improve the team. It’s quite difficult.” He concluded.

The Blues will be facing Crystal Palace today as they prepare to take advantage of Tottenham’s loss to Wolves yesterday.

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