More Heat On Hudson-Odoi As Sarri Calls Bayern Munich Unproffesional

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GettyImages 953229364

Chelsea manager, Maurizio Sarri has recently labelled Bayern Munich unproffesional and disrespectful for constantly demanding for a player who still has life in his contract; Hudson-Odoi

Bayern Munich’s recent up surge bid of £40 million for Hudson-Odoi might be over looked by the Blues.

Maurizio’s statement on Bayern’s interest on a player that still has contract with the club, entails that Chelsea do not plan to let go of Hudson-Odoi.

Hudson on the other hand, actually wants to leave the club but is still loved by the club considering what he capable of developing into.

Bayern Munich had also offered to hand Hudson-Odoi the number 10 shirt once he joins the German side and also to make a major replacement for Arjen Robben.

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Much incentives to lure the English kid who is currently seeking for a playtime at Stamford Bridge but has been adviced to focus on building his career and becoming better than those benching him, by Gianfranco Zola, Sarri’s assistant.

But addresing Bayern Munich as been unproffesional won’t solve the problem, rather giving him time on the pitch would do. He is a young who just wants to play football, just like Jadon Sancho.

Will Bayern Munich back off now or will they add more salt to the injury?

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