More war: Paul Pogba refuses to clear his visa ahead of China trip

Paul Pogba refuses to clear his visa ahead of China trip_somtosports

Paul Pogba has sparked off more lightening at Old Trafford as he rejects to do the required things that would have him join his team mates in a pre-season match set to hold in China.

Paul Pogba is really becoming a big thorn on Solskjaer’s flesh as he has once referred to the Norwegian coach as been unable to handle the Red Devils.

And now he has decided to make the manager to stress up a bit after he refused to sort his visa for a pre-season match that would be holding in China.

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According to Goal, Pogba refusing to sort his visa was ignited by his burning urge to work for his countryman; Zinedine Zidane at Santiago Bernabeu.

Pogba has clearly made it known to all that he no more wants to continue his relationship with the Red Devils.

Real Madrid’s offers really have done a lot of damage to several clubs such as Chelsea who are left with no other moves to outsmart Los Blancos and retain their Talisman; Eden Hazard.

The Spanish Giant is expected to hijack both players as they perceive them as worthy sons that should be in the family.

The funny part is that these are players that are truly respected and loved by their present team fans and Los Blancos does not care as they are once more showing that they are the heaven in football history.

Paris Saint German is not left out in the blow despite being filthy rich, they also prepare to lose Neymar to Real Madrid.

All these transfers have greater chances of been completed as Zizou is desperately working to fill in the hole created by Ronaldo’s exit.

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