Mount fined after being seen with Rice in public pitch after Chelsea lock-down

Mount fined after being seen with Rice in public pitch after Chelsea lock-down

Chelsea player, Mason Mount will have to face his team after the English kid broke the self-isolation policy enacted by the club.

The news of Mason Mount mixing up with others came days after teammate, Hudson-Odoi tested positive to Corona virus as the Chelsea player was spotted playing football with Countryman, Declan Rice.

Mason Mount will be reminded once more by his club on the importance of self-isolation as the Premier League hope to get past the Corona Virus era.

The 21-year-old was meant to stay at home alone until the 4th of April when Premier League would be resuming, but seems the Player has turned a deaf ear to the instruction from both the League Body and his club.

Mount fined after being seen with Rice in public pitch after Chelsea lock-down 2

Mount was spotted in a kick-about with West Ham player, Declan Rice in London, in a time, both players were meant to stay far from each other in the quest to curb the Corona Virus prior to its vaccine being discovered.

Although Declan Rice’s side wasn’t on Lock-down as Chelsea is but its yet to be known if Rice knew of the Blue’s Lock-down before agreeing to play with Mount on the public pitch.

Possible fine of a yet to be known amount definitely awaits Mount as his manager, Frank Lampard will also take an in-depth look into the case.

Below is a quoted report from an eye witness who saw the midfielder in the public pitch;

Mount fined after being seen with Rice in public pitch after Chelsea lock-down 1

“I took my 14-year-old son there for a training session,” an undisclosed man said to Mirrorsport.

“We noticed a car that looked a bit ridiculous and wondered who was in it.

“Then another came along with three or four people inside. My son recognised Mason Mount as the driver.

“They were wearing snoods but it wasn’t obvious whether they were using them to protect other people or so they wouldn’t be noticed.

“When I went back to the car I thought, ‘Hang on.’

“We’ve got someone out in public who is a team-mate of Callum Hudson-Odoi, who actually has Corona virus. It looked like none of them were taking the situation very seriously.

“I would imagine their clubs would be horrified.”

“They played a kick-about of five or six-a-side. Declan Rice was playing too.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Stamford Bridge has assured that the Blues have remind Mason Mount of his individual responsibilities, but seems West Ham aren’t annoyed with Rice as the Hammers insisted their player did nothing wrong.

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Both players are competing for a spot in Southgate’s National team before the Corona virus pandemic that has swept across several Nations and caused Football to be paused across all leagues as its believed Sportsmen and women are most prone to contracting the virus.

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