Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub

Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub
Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub

Tottenham came from 2 goals down to beat Olympiacos after the Jose Mourinho pulled the Eric Dier to install Christian Eriksen during the early minutes of the game.

Former Manchester United manager initiated a tremendous tactical move during the early minutes of last night’s Champions League games in England.

Just 20 minutes into the game, Olympiacos dominated the gameplay and already projecting what could be the beginning of early doom for Jose era at Spurs.

Two goals at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, against the Host with the first coming in during the 6 minute from El Arabi while 13 minutes later, handed the visitors an extension when Semedo netted the second of the game.

Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub1

Mourinho knew he needed to initiate a tactical option and needed to do that quickly. Though at the expense of Eric Dier, Eriksen had to be installed.

Glad the option paid off despite little misplacements when he came in earlier but later on got into place and was outrageous till the end of the game with one assist.

Being a manager that understands feelings too, Jose also took the chance to apologize to Eric Dier and as well shared that he hopes the player understands the change was for the team’s benefit.

Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub2

The game ended 4-2 score in favor Spurs, thanks to Alli, Alderweireld, Aurier and Harry Kane’s doubler as the English player became the fastest player to net 20 goals in Uefa Champions league games, eclipsing the record of Del Piero in just 26 appearances.

“The most difficult moment of the game was not when they scored the first two goals, it was when I made the change in the first half,” Jose Mourinho said.

“It hurt the player but also myself. It’s not easy for him or me. It’s important that the player understands, and I was lucky my choice was a very intelligent boy who has a very good understanding of what the team is, because I did it for the team. It was not about his performance, but what the team needs.

“We are losing 2-0, in a very difficult situation in that moment, and I felt that one positional midfield player was enough.

Mourinho apologizes to Eric Dier for early sub3

“I thought I needed a second creative player who could play with Alli in what I call the open triangle, and not with a closed triangle.

“I apologise to Eric, but he knows I did it for the team and not to hurt him. I think the fans understood too.”

Tottenham look forward to knowing their round of 16 opponent come December 16th.

Two positive ticks for Jose as Spurs manager with more tests on his way as he sets to battle Bournemouth before making a return to Old Trafford.

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