Mourinho discloses why he lived in Lowry Hotel while at Man Utd

Mourinho discloses why he lived in Lowry Hotel while at Old Trafford as Manchester United Boss

The ex-Man Utd Boss and Current Tottenham coach, Jose Mourinho dissagrees with the opinion suggested that his unusual living situation contributed to his unhappiness at Old Trafford.

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Mourinho has made an open statement disclosing why he lodged at Lowry Hotel during his stay at Manchester United as the club manager ahead of his return to Old Trafford on Wednesday evening for their League Match.

Having suceeding Mauricio Pochettino at White Hart Lane as the club manager last month, The Portugese now faces a reunion with the same club which sacked him last year.

He was interviewed and asked about his unusual living situation in Manchester, with inherited wisdom suggesting that it had contributed to his unhappiness while working at Old Trafford.

Mourinho discloses why he lived in Lowry Hotel while at Man Utd

The Portugese totally disagreed, however, and was quick to debunk that theory. “You know how I would be unhappy? I would be unhappy if I was in a house on my own,” Jose said.

“I would have to clean, I don’t want. I would have to iron, I don’t know how to. I would have to cook, I would cook fried eggs and susages. That’s the only thing I can do.”

I would be very unhappy. I lived in an amazing apartment, it was not a room. It was mine all the time. It was not like after one week I had to leave.”

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“No, it was mine. I left everything there, I had my television, my books, my computer. It eas a flat, with Bring me a caffe latte, please’ or ‘I don’t want to go down for dinner, bring my dinner up.”

“I was watching football or doing work with one of my assistants and I would ask: ‘Bring us Food.”

“I had everything, if I was in an apartment alone, it would be much more difficult. I was fine, more than fine.”

Mourinho sets to take Spurs to The Theatre of Dreams on the back of consecutive Premier League wins agains West Ham and Bournemouth, a result which gave them three poitns and sits them at the sixth position in the EPL table. Meanwhile, Ole Gunnar’s Man Utd have drawn their last two games against Sheffield United and Aston Villa, leaving them 10th in the EPL table.

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Reviewing his stay at Old Trafford, Jose Mourinho insisted that he had no regrets. “I learned and I think I am a better coach now than I was then,” he said.

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