Mourinho Finally Speaks

After several hours of his sack, Jose Mourinho has finally spoken to Sky Sports concerning his contract’s termination.

Jose’s sack news went very viral and supporters are already waiting  to hear what the Portuguese has to say concerning the issue. 

On his way back from shopping, Jose was met by Sky Sports reporters who asked to know his opinions concerning the event that took place earlier yesterday.

Mourinho told Sky Sports reporter, 

“Garry, I think you know me and, I don’t change and what I did when I left Chelsea for example, is the same that am going to do now. I keep the good things and I don’t speak about anything that happened in the club.”

“We could speak about so many things, we could speak about not as good, but that is not me.
You know it is finished.”

“Manchester united has a future without me and I have a future without Manchester United, so why should I now be sharing with you or even with the supporters any of my feeling, it is over!”

“That is me and that is the way I have always been, and I was always very critic of managers that leave club and then they come out and they speak about the pains of what happened and who is to blame for in this kind of situation, that is not me.”

“I just want to finish like it happened yesterday, and I like to say is game over.”

Mourinho really has a heart to endure and easily get along such terrifying news but probably it might be good news for him, who knows? 

Considering the fixtures ahead, his successor is really gonna work hard to get past such fixture with a good result. 

The Portuguese  expressed that he was not bothered about the news by saying;

“Till I get back to football, I think I have the right to live my normal life like am going to do now, I go for my little shopping I go for my little walk and that’s what I want to do.”

“You know Manchester United is past.” 

But is Jose Mourinho actually Manchester United’s problem?

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