Mourinho is the least of my worries, I will not resign – Zidane implies

Mourinho is the least of my worries I will not resign Zidane implies
Mourinho is the least of my worries I will not resign Zidane implies

Zinedine Zidane is not frightened despite the fact that he might lose his job to former Real Madrid manager, Jose Mourinho.

Ahead of Real Madrid game against Sevilla, Zidane who was in press conference has entailed that he is not put off balance by the news of him not having a good start this season and also Mourinho link.

Zidane appears to be more concerned on restoring the glory that had been attached to his name during his first reign as Real Madrid manager despite news linking former Manager, Mourinho back to the team.

The team is currently off-balance as they are fighting to stand to their feet after their recent loss to French giants PSG.

“We play against the league leaders, we must win,” Zidane said. “There is nothing else. I know the difficulties of being at Real Madrid, we cannot fail two games. We have already done so in Paris.”

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“I don’t think about it,” The Frenchman continued when he was asked if he can resign.
“I just think about winning tomorrow. You (journalists, ed) are here to talk and you do it well. The difficulties we talk about on the outside cannot be controlled.”

​”He[Mourinho] doesn’t bother me. Here if you lose a game you have to change everything.”

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It’s all over the media that Zidane days at Los Blancos have been numbered considering that the President is becoming impatient for results.

Mourinho seems to be the only man Florentino trusts for the job but will have to make some hard decisions to have the free agent.

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