Mourinho Rejects Offer From Benfica

jose mourinho5 min
jose mourinho5 min

Former Manchester United manager has rejected offer from his former club, Benfica amid possible move to either Real Madrid or Inter Milan.

Benfica would be so disappointed in the Portuguese manager’s attitude towards them, considering the fact that Benfica was actually where Mourinho started his professional career and not minding his bad records with Manchester United, they still came through to make sure that he is without no job.

Photo: Courtesy (Rui Vitoria)

After firing their manager, Rui Vitoria, Benfica is presently with no manager as their plans of re-employing Mourinho’s service has failed woefully.

Mourinho’s bad leadership style was exposed the moment Ole Solskjaer succeed him at Old Trafford and leading the Red Devils to a back-to-back wins definitely solidifies the fact that Mourinho’s style of leadership is now obsolete.

Jose Mourinho
Photo: Courtsey (Jose Mourinho)

Jose Mourinho is linked to a possible move back to Santiago Bernabeu following the present situation of things with Los Blancos under interim manager; Santiago Solari but the players at Real Madrid seems to be having a slippery relationship as they tend to reject the Portuguese return.

Also, James Rodriguez plans to return to Madrid but Mourinho’s possible return plans have really been a thorn on his flesh.

Jose Mourinho
Photo: Courtesy (Jose Mourinho)

Inter Milan is possible choice for the Manager. Been where he actually won the treble in 2010 before joining Real Madrid, Jose is believed to be linked to a possible return to Milan.

Jose Mourinho is now holding on for either Real Madrid or Inter Milan as he looks to return to office with a top-flight club despite his disgraceful result while with The Red Devils.

Would Jose actually get what he wants after the wait?

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