Mourinho’s Dooms Day By The Corner: Sutton Comes For The Him.

mourinho somtosports
mourinho somtosports

Mourinho’s dooms day might be by the corner: Former England Striker, Chris Sutton recently told BBC Radio 5 live that the Manchester United manager is acting like he wants to be fired.

The former England striker has recently sent out a warning message to Manchester United, suggesting that they should show him the exit door, due to his failure of handling the U21 team.

sutton-somtosportsSutton told the media that he noticed  Mourinho does well in giving excuses other than getting to work and producing results

“Mourinho does more point-scoring off the pitch than his team does on it.” Sutton said.

The former England player warned that the Manchester United team he used to know, is not the same again.

He linked the case back to the Mourinho’s pre-season days, saying; “It’s not a happy camp, this started in pre-season. They finished second last season, look where they are now.

Sutton expressed his fears for the team should Mourinho remain in charge.

What’s going to happen in January? Can he be trusted with a pot of money in January? This is a United team that is falling at an alarming rate.

The striker continued-“I think he wants the sack. why would you behave in that manner?

“His signings have been a disaster and he wants more money. How can they trust him with the performances the way they have been? What is good about United this season? And it all comes from the manager, who is blaming everyone else.”

What will be Mourinho’s fate? Following his disgraceful draw with the crumbling Southampton.

Mourinho earlier on, worstened the situation of things, by confessing his weakness to the media. Jose Mourinho told the media that only a miracle would cause Manchester United to end the season among the top four.

Mourinho’s side will be hosting the blazing Gunners tomorrow at Old Trafford and from the look of things, there seems to be no hope of scratching out 3 points from the game for Manchester.

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