New Analysis That Will Blow Your Mind On Why Amad Diallo Is So Highly Rated

Analysis On Why Amad Diallo Is So Highly Rated

Man United completed signing for Amad Diallo as he is yet to make a debut with Ole Solskjaer hinting on a possible appearances soonest

Amad Diallo joined Man United for a fee which could rise to £37m after addons after making just 5 professional appearances for Atlanta.

The Ivorian is naturally a left footer but has always preferred to start from the right side of the attacking front.

Reason being so he could be able to cut in and bend curves with his left foot which he has higher chances of hitting targets.

Most of his youth career goals came via this format as he also finds it easier providing assists from their area.

Amad Diallo is good in dropping off defenders by positioning properly to receive passes that defenders would find hard to knock off on time.

screenshot 2021.01.25 14 12 07

The image above shows the winger dropping in to receive a pass from the defender before turning to accelerate towards his opponents’ danger zone.

As you can also see from the image above, Atlanta‘s right back is equally running along the flank while Amad Diallo receives the pass.

On turning, Amad would create a major problem for the opposite side who could be faced with lots of loopholes to fill.

The defender would easily be lured out to go prevent the right-back running from positioning in a cross positioning.

photo 2021 01 25 13 54 39

Now Amad Diallo easily cuts in using his left foot to attack the space between the Center Back and the Full Back.

This hands him a clear opportunity and sight to strike directly at the post on even provide an assist from this point.

Amad Diallo has been brilliant in positioning for passes and making moves. This alone is dreadful enough to devastate a well organized defense.

Here is another scenario as Amad was seen taking advantage of an opportunity his team mate helped create.

photo 2021 01 25 14 28 18

The striker was seen stepping in to receive a pass and also that did draw the Center Back out of his place in attempt to steal the ball, leaving space at his back.

A space Amad Diallo quickly stormed into to await a much anticipated pass which he gently converts to a deserved goal.

Despite his dribbling ability and great vision which makes him an outstanding star, Diallo’s creativity and decision making speed is top notch.

The 18-year-old averages 0.33 assists per game, coupled with his 3.47 final third passes and 4.28 passes into the opponents box.

Here, Amad Diallo receives the ball and took a quick look over to see his team mate dashing into a deadly zone.

With a nice loft, he is beating the defense with one pass just like Bruno Fernandes does a lot at United.

photo 2021 01 25 14 44 39

Below is another occasion justifying Diallo’s super vision and judgement on sighting his team mate running into a space in the 18-yard-box while the opponents are trying to hold off the striker who is already in the box.


His lofted pass serves well and deserving for best finishes. This would be a major boost to United who already have lots of nice finishers scattered around the squad.

Diallo is also a true pass mental player as he has over the past provided lots of creative through passes.

Another major thing about the player is his Pace + Dribbling combo as he is always ready to take on a 1v1 offensive situation or even 1v2.

Attempting 9.06 dribbles per game, he bags a dribble success rate of 53.8% with this also helping him win 2.75 fouls per game for his team.

Meanwhile, Amad Diallo’s arrival only brings great competition to Mason Greenwood who is also another highly rated Man United youngster.

But the presence of both players will only be a boost to the squad as they will be available for many years to come.

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