Ole Fire: To Hijack Three Players From Market Plus Chelsea Top Target.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Ole Gunnar prepares to hijack three players from the transfer market as they set to sign long-target;Ivan Perisic, ambush Chelsea’s deal and lure a talent from Florentina.

Ole Gunnar Solskajern would be going into the transfer market after a successful five games unbeaten on his campaign as the interim manager and he is planning to land Manchester United’s longtime target, Ivan Perisic and as well ambush Chelsea-Barella deal and lure a talented player to Old Trafford.

Manchester United would be keen to land their long-term target; Ivan Perisic to Old Trafford and the interesting part of it is that Inter Milan is willing to slash the Croatian man’s price unlike the Mourinho’s era, when Ed Wooodward refused to cash in on the winger because his price then was considered too high for a player of his age.

Ivan Perisic
Photo: Courtesy (Ivan Perisic)

The Croatian will be let go by his club if Manchester United would be able to cash in about £30 million for the 29 year old unlike nearly £50 million which they asked for earlier on

The Red Devils would do want to take advantage of this opportunity coupled with the fact that Inter Milan are planning to sign the World best player; Luca Modric and selling Ivan would put some cash into their pocket to help strengthen their ground on Modric’s deal.

Despite signing a recent deal last summer with the club, Perisic would be preparing to leave San Siro as the team are willing to trade him for cash.

Manchester United Preparing to ambush Chelsea-Nicolo Barella deal.

The Red Devils also has on their list, Chelsea’s top target and replacement for Cesc Fabregas who left for Monaco.

Nicolo Barella
Photo: Courtesy (Nicolo Barella)

Although the Manchester do not look to engage Chelsea in a bid battle as they have offered a take it or leave it bid for the Italian.

Unlike the £45 million offered by Chelsea, Manchester is willing to offer £30 million for the player who already has his replacement on his way from Boca Juniors.

It is now left for Cagliari and Barella; accepting a £45 million deal or forfeiting it for that which is £15 million lesser.

Manchester United plans to lure Florentina man, Milenkovic.

Serbian Milenkovic is another name on Manchester United’s list and they are planning to tempt Florentina with their young-star; Andreas Pereira.

Photo: Courtesy (Milenkovic)

Ole Gunnar is really in search of a reliable centre back and Milenkovic would be on his way to Old Trafford if Florentina accepts the Pereira offer.

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