Perez pauses Jovic deal; Considering Piatek as a greener option

jovic somtosports
jovic somtosports

Florentino Perez has paused Luka Jovic’s move to Santiago Bernabeu as he prefers having Krzysztof Piatek.

Real Madrid President doesn’t seem to believe much in Frankfurt striker, Luka Jovic who has managed to net 35 goals in 71 games since joining the German side on a loan deal.

Although Real Madrid is not the only team linked to the player but Perez doesn’t seem to care about that as he has claimed Jovic is too high in price.

He prefers to have Piatek whom he claims is more productive and most importantly would cost Los Blancos less.

Despite recently joining AC Milan from Genoa; Piatek would leave for Santiago Bernabeu if a good price is agreed by all parties.

According to Donbalon, there are chances Piatek would leave San Siro if the club fails to secure a place in the European Competition.

Just like Suso or Lucas Paquetá could also leave if a bargain price is agreed.

At the other hand, Frankfurt had already accepted to collected 60 million euros for the Serbian international which Jovic also agreed.

Piatek has managed to net 10 goals in 18 appearances for AC Milan evers since joining from Genoa where he scored 19 goals in 21 appearances.

But Florentino prefers to have someone whom he views as being more greener and cheaper; 50 million Piatek.

At the moment, Luka Jovic’s deal has not been ruled out totally but is placed on hold by the President.

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