Phillip Cocu poor performance is creating a coach job fortuity for Rooney

Phillip Cocu poor performance is creating a coach job fortuity for Rooney
Phillip Cocu poor performance is creating a coach job fortuity for Rooney

Wayne Rooney might be on his verge of replacing Derby County manager, Phillip Cocu who has struggled ever since succeeding Frank Lampard.

Lately known for his guts in trying out in-experienced manager, Derby County owner, Mel Morris is suspected to be planning on replacing Phillip Cocu with Wayne Rooney.

Although, Cocu’s job is yet not under threat but all signs indicate Morris is not pleased with his management style.

Coming from a side who were a major competitor to the promotion last season to a side struggling in the 14th position this season is very bad business for Morris.

Wayne Rooney at the other has reportedly impressed Mel ever since the day of his transfer idea pooped up and the English man might be getting same opportunity Frank Lampard got.

Probably might create a platform for him to return to Old Trafford as manager, if Cocu leaves and he takes over performing pleasantly and Ole Solskjaer continues his struggling form.

Rooney is with Derby now but not cleared to play yet as he would remain on the bench to assist Phillip Cocu from his management part of the player-manager contract.

The former England captain will be unable to play for Derby County until the winter transfer window reopens but has already been receiving chants ahead of his much anticipated appearances on January 2nd when the Rams take on Barnsley.

“(I am) really looking forward to it. I’ve watched most of the games. It will be nice to get to Pride Park and meet the supporters,” Rooney said to Rams TV.

“It’s been a long time since it was announced that I’d joined the club, so it will be nice for me but also for the fans.

“Hopefully I can give the players and the fans a lift. It’s always exciting when you join a new club but when you get to meet the fans for the first time, it will be a nice feeling.

“I’ve heard them at games singing my name and different things so I think it’s great for all of us. Hopefully it can help us push on. It’s an exciting time.

“It’s great just to be back around all the lads and the frustrating part of it will be training all week and not playing at the weekend.”

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